Saturday, April 11, 2015

French Encounter 1974

During my recent appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, I spoke about a bizarre humanoid encounter from France that occurred in 1974.

I’m currently pursuing some further details on the incident so hopefully more will be uncovered.
The original researchers on the case were French investigators Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne.  Thanks to researcher Albert Rosales for bringing the case to my attention.

The incident occurred in the fall of 1974 in an unnamed village in Aisne, France.  Aisne is in the north of France in the Picardy region. 
Two men, listed as Alain G. and Patrick V. decided to take a leisurely drive and enjoy the autumn day.  It was about three pm when they left.  As they approached the town limits, they decided to turn around and take a different route.

The driver, Patrick, stopped in front of the last house in the village in order to turn around and change their course.  The house was on the driver’s right and when the men stopped in front of the dwelling, they couldn’t believe what they saw.
In the courtyard of the home were five strange figures.  Three of the beings were in the background and to the left.  The fourth was walking slowly in front of the home, touching the sides of the building with both hands.  The fifth stood in the middle of the courtyard facing the car.  Alain, the passenger, opened his window and found himself a few meters from the strange entity.  He reports that his blood ran cold when faced with the being.

The appearance of the five characters was as strange as their behavior.  They were all around 1.30 meters tall (just over 4 feet).  They were all dressed alike with long garments that almost reached the ground.  These garments were decorated with multicolored spots.  The beings themselves had earthy yellow skin and long hair that fell down their backs and to their waist.  Their noses were compressed inwards, and their eyes were described as enormous, solid black hemispheres, the size of billiard balls.

Time seemed to freeze as the two men stared at the weird beings.  The entity closest to the vehicle raised an arm and gestured to the two men, indicating that they should “come here.”  This was enough to push the men over the edge.  Alain started shouting at his friend to get them away.  Patrick put the car in reverse, backed up and made a turn, getting away from the location as quickly as possible.
Gathering some other people, the two men returned to the location a bit later but the beings had vanished and everything seemed normal.

Eight months later, an investigator finally made it to the scene and spoke with nearby residents.  Interestingly, he found a neighbor who had noticed the beings on the road in front of the home.  He reported that he thought the beings he saw were “children dressed in yellow oilcloth.” 


  1. Thanks for the post was an interesting read.

  2. Great Article! Been looking for some info about "Black Eyed Kids". Can't help but wonder if there's any ties to the "Men In Black" phenomenon!?!?

    1. There's a whole chapter on the links between the two in my book on the Black Eyed Children.