Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Influence Reviewed

Thousands of people are now involved with “ghost hunting” as a hobby.  They prowl purported haunted locations with recorders and cameras in hand, hoping to catch evidence of spirits.  But how many actually understand exactly what they may be dealing with and what they may take away from their encounters?

Consider this:

“In any given day our brains process over 70,000 thoughts, thoughts that lead to actions.  What if something could interfere with that delicate process?  Let’s consider there are things out there beyond our unaided abilities of sight and hearing that did and continue to have an influence on our thoughts.”

So reads the statement on the back of Barry Fitzgerald’s outstanding book, “The Influence.” 
Barry is no stranger to the paranormal and is most widely recognized for his work on the popular show “Ghost Hunters International.”

While GHI was basically a work of entertainment, Fitzgerald’s work off screen has been quite serious.  He has put in a lot of time both in the field and delving into serious research.

In The Influence, Barry explores various aspects of this negative, invisible energy and how it many play a role in various types of hauntings, cases of reported demonic activity and possession and even how this may all relate to mental illness and violent behavior.  Including cases to illustrate his points, the author makes a clear case that everyone should consider and, hopefully, bear in mind when dealing with paranormal incidents.

Fitzgerald also addresses the effect of poor diet and how it relates to the unseen energies that surround, and possibly, influence us on a daily basis.

Since we have become bombarded with food filled with chemicals, additives and genetically modified components, the health of the average person has plummeted.  But beyond the physical damage, what have these unnatural foods done to the function of the brain?  Additionally, what’s now absent from our diets that may have further weakened us to the effects of the influence?

This information in this book is of great importance to the paranormal field.  If you are actively involved in investigating or even mildly interested in the subject, I suggest you read the influence and consider the perspective offered.  At the least, the book should prod you to think in a more positive manner and that is the greatest influence of all.

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