Monday, February 15, 2016

Feb 2016 BEK Update

A lot of paranormal manifestations experience waves or cycles of increased activity.

Such seems the be the case recently with reports of black eyed beings.  Perhaps it's the growing attention on the topic or maybe there's something more sinister going on.

Aside from myself, other researchers have been collecting the reports for years now and while there continue to be variations, the core of these reports is usually in the same vein.

Thanks to people like Lon Strickler, Dave Schrader, Jason Offutt, Jamie L. Brian and many others, the pool of information on these creatures continues to grow.

Here are a few recent reports of interest:

Lon Strickler reports on a case received on Darkness Radio about a BEK in the Park in Texas:

One of my own recent reports, sent to me by Jamie L. Brian is about a hunter's bizarre encounter with a black eyed girl in the forest:

Finally, there's a post that went viral this year from Week in Weird.  It involves a witness in Vermont who says they let black eyed children inside and experienced grave results:

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