Monday, January 11, 2016

Hunter's BEK Encounter

Researcher Jamie L. Brian transcribed the account below from an encounter related on Darkness radio.

Darkness Radio's host, Dave Schrader has been gathering black eyed kid encounters for years via his
show and listeners frequently call in to share their stories. 
Obviously, it's often difficult to do any follow up on the accounts since many of the calls are anonymous so take it for what it is, an account reported on a live radio program.  I have no personal knowledge of the case or how genuine it is, but it's simply too creepy to not share. 

“I've never told anybody this because it scared the living bejesus out of me. It happened about four years ago on one of my properties when I was out hunting. I was alone. Normally I'm with my dog. And I had my shotgun out with me, semi-automatic and I was walking through the woods on the outskirts of my property – it's about 65 acres. Anyway, I was pretty deep in the woods that day and I came across something where the hairs on the back of my neck stood up before I even saw it. And, uh, it was a little girl. She had on a little blue nighty – the gangliest, sickliest looking thing I've ever seen in my life. It didn't see me at first. And my dog, he went straight to the ground and started whining and it heard him and it turned to me and it looked at me with the blackest eyes... now this was broad daylight. The blackest eyes I've ever seen in my life. And I took a potshot at it with a scope and I hit it and I thought I killed it. The dog stayed right where it was at and I went running off. I checked and there was nothing there. Nothing. All I saw was little bare footprints all in the dirt in the area where it was standing. Now I have not walked on that property since. (Schrader asks him how he knew that it wasn't a flesh and blood little girl that he shot at) This thing, it looked like a little girl. Maybe 10 or 11. It had white gangly hair. It... a... I mean really... It was like if you dehydrated a little kid and its skin was... I was no more than maybe 90 feet from it when I shot at it and I was behind two trees. And when I came out from behind the two trees to shoot, it was already staring at us. I barely got off enough courage to pull the trigger because it frightened me... me... almost half to death. I mean I was froze for the longest time. (Schrader asks if she screamed or called out when he shot at her) All I heard was this screech and I saw it hit the ground and I immediately ran towards it and when I got up to where it was standing there was nothing there. There was no blood, just footprints all over the place in circles. When I first initially saw it, it was sniffing the air like it was hunting. And no little girl, at 6 o'clock in the morning, on a foggy morning, in the middle of a 65 acre property is gonna be there. That's what blew my mind at first, when I saw it, I thought it was a little girl, I almost called out to it. But when I saw the way it was standing, it was standing kind of like it was crouched a little bit and it was sniffing the air. And I mean it took everything I had to take a potshot at this thing. I mean, I served in them military. I've seen some things in the jungle in South America. This thing scared the piss out of me. This thing that I saw. It had one of the most malevolent feelings that I ever saw in my life. I mean I actually felt I was in danger. I mean literal danger. That's the feeling I had. (Schrader asks what would have happened had he approached her and discovered it was just a little girl he shot) Well, I would have immediately called the police if that was the case, you know. But this was not... this was not a little girl. It would have been there after I shot it. There was nothing but these little footprints all over the place. Just these little footprints. These little kid's footprints. (Schrader asks about her eyes) They were pitch black. (Schrader asks him if he believed it was a black eyed kid he encountered. Caller seems flustered as if he had never heard the term black eyed kid before) I don't know anything about black eyed kids. All I know is that when this thing, when it stared at me, it made my dog go straight to the ground and start whining. And that's when it locked eyes with me and I picked it out with a bolt trigger. That's all I could think was just get it away from me as fast as possible. Imagine walking down a dark alley and all you see is the shadow of somebody standing at the other end. What do you think that's gonna make you feel like when he pulls out a machete. It was that kind of feeling. That kind of feeling you'd get. That's how I felt. I'm a trained ranger, retired. I don't fear much. (Schrader asks if the creature spoke) No. It just made a screech and I saw it fall. I immediately started running towards it and when I got there it was just mud. And little footprints in a circle. It was a perfect circle. All these little footprints. I haven't been back to that property since to hunt. (Schrader asks if the property is close to the Twin Cities and if he would allow people on his property to search for the girl) Not too far. I quarantined that property. I won't let anyone on it. With what happened after that. I won't go on that property and neither will no one else. (Schrader asks if something happened after the encounter) Needless to say, I spent a few days in the hospital, sick. I was hospitalized for about a week. They couldn't figure it out. It started out with cold sweats. It was pretty frightening. I never got frightened like that before in my life. I've been shot twice and it didn't scare me like this. I'm telling you, it was frightening.

Source: Darkness Radio – December 26, 2015

Lon Strickler over at Phantoms and Monsters has recently published another creepy report about black eyed babies, also courtesy of Jamie Brian.  That story can be found at the link below:


  1. I am always even more fascinated when shotguns and other modern weapons come into the equation. This is the first story I have heard someone actually getting the chance to shoot at a BEK. Creepy tale.

  2. I believe that the gun was irrelevant-
    He broke the barrier of fear and managed to pull the trigger-
    See what the dog did?

    THAT is supposed to be the plan.

    When he felt that release to
    "Reach out and touch someone",
    (with lead!)
    the emotional release he must have felt as the being lost the upper hand and began to regain his will must have been immense.

    That being really spun out when it happened,right?

  3. I don't understand why you shot at the child though? I get that she was creeping you out, but why not run away? Shooting seems to me to be the last thing you would want to do in a situation involving a child. Very interesting encounter with lots of details, I've heard lots of stories of BEK but this is the first involving shooting at one.