Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shadow Figures & Abductees

In 2012, an eyewitness in Glenwood Springs, CO, contacted MUFON about the strange disappearance of his renter, a purported abductee.  A bizarre sequence of events led up to the incident and included weird lights and shape shifting shadow figures.

The story was also reported in fortean publication "The Gate."  According to the report:

"It was the evening of June 25, 2012, that the witness said he heard a loud thud-like noise coming from his renter's bedroom so he walked down the hallway and called out his name.  He reported seeing a bright yellow light shining from under the bottom of the door and after not getting a response, he turned to go back to his own room.  But before entering his bedroom he looked back down the hall and said the light that had been beaming out of the bottom crack of the door was now gone and everything was dark.

He went back to bed and around 3 a.m. he awoke to see a black shape outside his window.  Thinking it was a burglar he screamed for him to go away and suddenly the black figure appeared to change its shape.  The witness said he screamed again and it 'swooped away.'
He went to the window and looked outside and saw four black silhouettes, all different, from short and stocky to tall and thin standing on the other side of his fence.  The entire yard was bathed in a light blue light.  He ran to the front of his house and saw two additional creatures crouching behind his neighbor's car and two others behind his renter's van parked in the driveway.

He once again went to his renter's room to tell him what he was seeing and the man informed him that he felt that he had been abducted repeatedly since childhood.  He showed the man a bump on his leg and said he believed it was some sort of implant intended to track his movements.

The following morning he said his renter told him he was going camping to try and call upon "good energy" to take his darkness away.  When he failed to return home, a local search and rescue team were called to investigate.  They found his van parked near a forest trail but were not able to locate him or any of his belongings.  To this day he is still missing.

Mufon case report, August 2012.

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