Saturday, February 6, 2016

Haunted Bellaire House Night 2

Continuing our investigation of the notoriously haunted Bellaire House in Ohio, Dave Spinks and I were joined by investigator Mike Ricksecker for this one.

Here's a couple of quotes from those who caught the show:
"I gotta say you guys are my favorite Paranormal Investigators , I just came across your channel a couple nights ago , and I really like how you guys get spirits on your EVP and you don't replay what you hear 20 times in a row like all other investigators do. You guys are authentic and are not fake like a lot of videos I've seen on the YT's. Keep up the excellent work :-)"  viewer--Keith Vance
"...totally agree Keith, great assessment man, That sum's up exactly why i rate both Dave and David, above other paranormal investigators, Both are strand up guys, that make every effort to keep paranormal investigating real, They are happy to debunk every possible thing that could interfere with , or give a false impression too, any subscriber watching, and C.R.P.T.V use some kick ass locations to investigate too . !!" viewer--Sizzling Bacon

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