Friday, February 26, 2016

BEKs '05

Back in 2005, Fortean magazine "The Gate" ran a cover story on the black eyed kids.  The article recounted a couple of well known accounts including Brain Bethel's encounter and an encounter from Portland, Oregon involving an apartment manager.  Both accounts are covered in my book so I won't repeat them here.

The Gate article ends with a short paragraph and warning about these creepy kids:

"Who and what are the Black-Eyed Kids?  Are they vampires as many have suggested or are they ghosts?  Everyone who has encountered them said they feel if left alone with the kids, they would die.  If they aren't vampires or ghosts, then could they be another version of the Grim Reaper?

Until we find out what these beings are there are two rules to remember.  Don't let them into your house or car and don't look into their eyes."

Interestingly enough, Lon Strickler has posted an account from 2005 that has just surfaced.  The report involves a pair of "dancing" black eyed children encountered in Orlando, Florida.  The woman recounting the tale doesn't want to make eye contact with the children and mentions the fear of them looking at her.  The report was originally sent to Darkness Radio.

Check out the bizarre tale here:

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  1. Black eyed children are demons, agents of Satan trying to get humans to invite them into their lives, by inviting them in, it gives them permission (opens a door)to interact with you, as children, they try to appear harmless and hope people will invite these "poor kids" in. Satans biggest weapon is that people dont believe in him or his agents. This alone makes people very vulnerable to his suggestions, etc. Be very careful.