Saturday, February 27, 2016

RIP Ed Grimsley

I learned late last night that Ufologist Ed Grimsley has passed away.

Ed was a real character to say the least and he could often be found at conferences and events, especially in his home state of California where he ran sky watch gatherings on a regular basis.  For a time, he was a host on the Scepter Radio Network where his show always received high ratings.

Ed was a pioneer in using night vision to search the skies for UFOs.  In fact, he's credited as being THE guy who started the craze.  Grimsley introduced Coast to Coast AM host George Noory to the use of night vision back in 2008.  After donning a pair of night vision goggles and watching the skies, Noory called the moment "mesmerizing."

You never knew what to expect with Ed.  He was the kind of person that you loved to be around, yet drove you crazy all at the same time.  He was constantly recounting tales, some of them seemed completely off the wall, others really made you think, but either way, they were fascinating.  UFOs, reptilians, the Kennedy assassination, Grimsley had something to say about it all.

And whenever he was around, he made himself the center of attention, whether other people wanted him to or not.

I'll never forget, speaking at the Sacramento UFO/Paranormal Summit in 2012 where Ed was on the roster.  I was sitting on a panel along with Bill Murphy and several others, discussing Bigfoot.  It was a panel that Ed was not scheduled to be a part of and it was well under way.  None of that stopped Ed who strolled down the middle aisle of the crowded auditorium, loudly walked up center stage, grabbed a metal chair and banged it down among us, pulling up at the table.  Yeah, Ed made himself part of the panel and of course, he had something to say about Bigfoot.

Ed was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM and the exchanges between he and George Noory were highly entertaining.

He was a cantankerous sort, but a wealth of knowledge, and many of us are all the better for having known him.  I've no doubt that Ed is up there somewhere, regaling the spirits with his stories.

RIP Ed, you will be missed.


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  1. RIP Ed, I sure enjoyed meeting you and your humor on my show on July you will know the truth of our heavens! Fly High my friend!