Saturday, December 3, 2016

Zombies!!! by Midnight Syndicate Reviewed

I've long enjoyed Midnight Syndicate's unique and innovate music as a perfect backdrop for delving into many of the creepy topics that I research. As background music, it often helps spark creative energy and it certainly sets the mood for delving into the supernatural. I've done plenty of writing with these guys playing in the background.

Last year, the Syndicate surprised us with a Christmas themed release that I reviewed here:

It was a great CD, and I'd be happy to see the band do more Christmas themed music. Christmas is, after all, a very haunting holiday and the perfect time for ghost stories.

This year however, they've gone back to their more standard Halloween fare with a particular focus--Zombies.

Their latest effort is actually designed as an official soundtrack for the board game Zombies!!! and the result is pretty cool.

Midnight Syndicate, aka Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka, are masters at atmospheric storytelling via music. Undertaking a soundtrack for a game about the walking dead was likely both fun and natural for the duo and the results are clear and enjoyable.

The opening track, "It Begins," sets the pace and hearkens back to classic zombie movies bringing to mind the lumbering movements of the undead.

Other tracks include "I Don't Think They're Dead," "Alternate Food Source," and "We're Screwed."
The band mixes in various sound effects to good effect. Distant air sirens, a static filled radio broadcast giving a short news update, disjointed horns giving the impression of people fleeing in fear, it all adds up to a soundtrack suited for the Zombie apocalypse.

It's great background music for Halloween parties, gaming, or if you just want a creepy atmosphere. The CD has 18 tracks and runs 48 minutes. Nine of the tracks are new material with the remaining nine being remixed or updated tracks from previous CD's. I can highly recommend all of Midnight Syndicate's CD's.

For a copy of Zombies!!! or any of the other great music from Midnight Syndicate, check out the website below:

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