Thursday, December 1, 2016

Haunted Monroe House

The Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana has an incredibly dark reputation. There are rumors of Satanic rituals being performed in the home and, even more disturbing, there are rumors that several children have died in the house over the years. Shortly after buying the place, the home's current owner found an old Ouija board inside, at the least, it was a sign that previous attempts to communicate with something had occurred in the house.

The home is well known by people living in Hartford City and surrounding areas. Ghost stories connected to the house go back to at least the 1960's. Many residents, as well as neighbors, have reported seeing the apparition of a young girl in one of the upstairs windows and many people go out of their way in order to avoid the place.

The accounts of paranormal activity are crazy. Class A EVPs are common, strange ghost lights that come and go, and countless reports of physical attacks. Numerous people have become physically ill just being in the home and are forced to leave. There are also reports of strange fires that cannot be explained.

Dave Spinks and I undertook an investigation of the home on one of our Indiana tours. It's a nasty, creepy location that lived up to its reputation.

During our time in the house, shadow figures darted all around inside the home. A door was slammed on us, as if something was attempting to confine us in a certain area. We experienced equipment issues, watched as a toy activated itself, and had several other strange events. We also heard disembodied voices, some of them children, or at least, what sounded like children.

The Monroe House is soon to be featured on the season premiere of Paranormal Lockdown. Don't know what those guys caught, but we had plenty of evidence. For a portion of what Society of the Supernatural captured, check out the video of some of our time in this notorious, dark location:

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  1. This was my second investigation at the Monroe House. I was anxious to see David Weatherly's take on the house. As it turned out we experienced some incredible supernatural activity that night. It was especially cold in the house, even colder than it was outside . Again the Monroe house lived up to its nasty reputation. It's not a location for the faint of heart.