Monday, December 5, 2016

Worlds Beyond Forum

I had a fantastic time speaking at the Worlds Beyond Forum at this year's Earthcore Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

An hour and a half outside of Melbourne, Earthcore comes alive. Similar to Nevada's Burning Man Festival, the site becomes a city in and of itself, lights, music, food, goods, and much, much more.
The experience was incredible and a bit surreal, exactly as it's meant to be I believe.

Spiro Boursine, the event organizer, has done an amazing job pulling off this festival year after year. Special thanks to him for having me over, as well as Bill Tabone of the Australian Paranormal Society. One of the blessings of traveling in this field is making new friends and great connections. Hands down, everyone was kind, helpful and easy to get along with. I certainly enjoyed my time "down under" and was even made an honorary Aussie!

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