Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Thylacine Awareness Continues to Grow

For years, people have reported sightings of animals matching the description of the supposedly extinct Tasmanian Tiger.

In fact, there are countless sightings, photos and video clips that certainly seem to support the argument for the continued existence of the Thylacine.

Neil Waters and his organization, the Australian Thylacine Awareness Group, continues to gain attention in their efforts to track down further proof on the tiger. According to the group's own description:

"The Thylacine Awareness group of Australia is dedicated to the research, recognition and conservation of our most elusive apex predator, the Thylacine. It is a group for people who believe in the existence of Thylacines and want to see something done about their recognition and protection for the future of all Australians to appreciate and respect."

The group recently got a great spot on Today Tonight Adelaide. The story includes some of the fascinating video that has been captured of elusive Thylacine. Check it out at the link below:

And for more news and updates from the group, check out the group's Facebook page at:

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