Monday, December 5, 2016

Cryptid Christmas Gifts 2016

The countdown to Christmas is quickly ticking down but there's still time to snag some unique gifts for the cryptozoologist on your list. Here's a few special items that are sure to please:

Small Town Monsters is an independent film company dedicated to exploring some of the strange monsters that have cropped up over the years in little communities around the country. So far, they've produced the Minerva Monster, The Beast of Whitehall and, their latest release, The Boggy Creek Monster. These guys are doing amazing work and the films are outstanding, and, they wisely chose my friend Sam Shearon for the series' cover art! Learn more and grab your copies of the DVDs at their website:

Wood Knocks Volume 1 came out this year and has received rave reviews. With contributions by an A list of cryptozoologists, there's something for everyone in the first volume of this new series. Ken Gerhard, Linda Godfrey, Lyle Blackburn and more. If you're interested in Sasquatch, this is a must have! Available in both paper and Kindle editions at

MonstroBizarro is the latest edition of the Rue Morgue library. Put together by monster hunter Lyle Blackburn, this special edition is a graphic extravaganza that explores a wide range of cryptids and the various pop culture aspects of real monsters and how they've been portrayed in films, comics, television and more.
Catch a copy of this one before it sells out! Available from the Rue Morgue shop:!/Rue-Morgue-Library-7-MONSTRO-BIZARRO/p/70181209/category%3D11406911

The Nessie Ladle is probably the best way any crypto fan could imagine to dish out some hot soup on a cold winter's day. Available in a variety of colors, the food grade ladles are also dishwasher safe and stand on their own 'feet.' Catch a Loch Ness ladle of your own at

Cryptid Art is the way to go if you're looking for a truly unique and one of a kind gift for the monster hunter on your list, and hands down one of my favorite sources is "Eerie" Eric Fargiorgio. Eric works in a variety of mediums, does original pieces, and has also become known for adding monsters, UFOs and other oddities to classic paintings. You haven't seen an old landscape until you've seen one with Sasquatch roaming across it!
If you manage to catch Eric at an event, you'll get to see a range of his work, otherwise, contact him through his Facebook page and see what he has available:

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