Monday, January 30, 2017

Thermal Anomaly at the Haunted Bellaire House

Society of the Supernatural has put in a lot of time investigating the notorious Bellaire House in Bellaire, Ohio.

Over the course of our time in the home, we have experienced a wide range of phenomena including ghost lights, evps, phantom smells and even physical contact with something unexplained.

On one of our investigations, we captured a weird thermal anomaly while conducting a spirit box session. A number of unsettling responses were coming from the ghost box with phrases related to a baby and something that "wanted the baby."

Has the box states, very clearly, the word "evil," the camera is panning around towards one of the front rooms and captures what appears to be the upper torso of a person. The image is very clear and in fact is a double image with what appears to be the figure's own shadow cast in a shade of blue.

There was no one in the room at that time, nor are there any reflective surfaces where the figure manifests.

Check out the brief clip here:

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  1. The Bellaire House is one of the most active Locations we have EVER investigated by far.