Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beyond the Seventh Gate: Reviewed

"Don't look behind you on Toad Road!"

So begins "Beyond the Seventh Gate" by Timothy Renner.

The subtitle: "Exploring Toad Road, the Seven Gates of Hell, and Other Strangeness in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties," is a bit lengthy but makes Renner's intent clear. The book is an exploration into the legend of the area that purportedly contains the seven gates and the associated weirdness that seems to permeate the place.

While this is a regional book and will of course appeal to those living in the area, it's also of interest to those intrigued by concentrated areas of high strangeness. There are a number of lesser known reports included in the book and this alone makes it of interest to those of us who collect such data.

Renner has done extensive research in the area, and not just from an armchair, but out exploring the location for himself while looking into the legends. Stories that include, burning asylums, mad Doctors and more, he strives to separate the myths from the real reports. The back of the book says it well:

"Journey beyond the Seventh Gate and into other weird places in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties. Explore Hex Hollow, Chickies Rock, lonely graveyards, and old iron forges. Read true tales of bigfoot creatures, witches, ghosts, werewolves, and flying phantoms. Sometimes they haunt the woods behind you. Sometimes they are in your own back yard." 

Renner also explores the story of Nelson Rehmeyer, a Pennsylvania Dutch "pow-wow medicine man" who was murdered in 1928. The author's take on the tales that surround Rehmeyer and Pennsylvania's most famous "hex murder" is worth the price of the book alone but he offers much more including UFO accounts, cryptid sightings and ghost stories.

Renner has written for Weird Pennsylvania and Weird U.S.A. as well as Morbid Curiosity. He's also an illustrator and has peppered the book with cool depictions of creatures such as Dogman and Goatman. He's also included photos taken during his explorations of the area.

I recommend the book for those interested in studies of regional creepiness as well as those fascinated by concentrated areas of strange events.

"Are there monsters prowling our fields and forests? Are ghosts singing in our cemeteries? Are orbs and mists following us through the park? Many witnesses say yes."

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  1. I highly recommend this book...lots of great information for all paranormal enthusiasts.