Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Serpent Mound UFO Sighting

The Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio is a three foot high effigy mound. Though the site was first documented in the 1840's, much about it still remains a mystery. Originally, the mound was attributed to the Adena culture, but studies in the 1990's pointed to a much earlier construction.

The site has long attracted those who pursue the mysterious and some believe there is a possible Ancient Alien connection. The television show of the same name has in fact featured the Serpent Mound, drawing possible correlations between the ancient site and extraterrestrial visitors.

I received the account below from a witnesses who had an unusual sighting at the Serpent Mound. The encounter reportedly occurred in 2014. The sender chose to remain anonymous, probably due to the fact that the mound itself is a designated historic landmark and the park currently closes at sunset. Due to the sensitive nature of the site, no one is allowed on the mound itself, or on the grounds after hours.

"My girlfriend and I had heard a lot of stories from friends about the Serpent Mound and strange things going on out there. My cousin had told me that he'd seen a UFO himself out near the mound and we were really curious to see if we could spot one. We were out near the park one night, some friends of my cousin live out near it and the three of us decided to go in. Honestly I knew that we were not supposed to be in there but we didn't get on the mound or anything, we just walked into the parking area and we were sky watching.

We were probably only there about ten or fifteen minutes when we heard this weird buzzing sound. It was like an electrical vibration sound. We were looking all around and it sounded like it was coming from above us. My girlfriend was getting freaked out, she thought we were going to get into some real trouble. We went up to the little museum on the chance that the sound was someone there, but it was of course closed. 
The walkway from there leads over to the mound and there's a viewing tower right by the mound. That's when we realized the sound was getting louder and that's when we spotted the three orange lights. 

They were these three round balls of light and they were over top the Serpent Mound. From where we were, they were about the size of basketballs I guess, but it looked like they kept expanding and getting bigger, then contracting and getting smaller to the basketball size. This could have been a trick of light I guess because as we were standing there, these three orange lights were going back and forth over the length of the serpent. They were tracking the line that the serpent follows. They were all in a line and there was at least a couple of feet or more between them. They did this pattern a bunch of times, picking up speed as they went back and forth. We were all frozen to the spot watching and then my girlfriend made a sound. It was sort of a cry and gasp I would call it. It was weird because when she did this, the orange lights suddenly stopped in mid air, right around the middle of the serpent. It was almost like they had heard her. They just hovered there for a few seconds, then suddenly, they shot straight up into the sky. The went so high and straight up that in a second or two, we couldn't see them at all, they had faded into the sky.
We hightailed it out of there as fast as we could all swearing that we would never go back. It was exciting, but it was really scary at the same time.
The other thing I remember is there being a smell like burned air. We all felt like those lights were aware of us before they took off."

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