Friday, January 27, 2017

Austin, Texas UFO

On Monday night, residents of Austin, Texas reported a UFO in the skies over the city.

Rachel Jensen and her roommate observed glowing, orange orbs that formed a triangle formation. At one point, they claim that a fourth orb joined the trio before they all rose in altitude and shot away out of sight.

Jensen filmed the event but the recording only shows one of the orbs dancing around in a curious manner.

However, Jensen wasn't the only one to report seeing unusual objects in the sky that night. At least five other people from Texas to Louisiana called the American Meteor Society to report fireballs in the sky.

Christopher Sherman, a photographer in the Austin area also captured shots of the strange object in the Austin skyline. Looking at those photos, it would appear that what he saw at least, did appear to be something like a fireball or shooting star, falling from the sky.

The puzzling aspect is Jensen's footage in which the object does not behave in such a manner at all.

"I believe they were UFOs" Jensen says.

It's possible of course, that both fireballs or meteors and UFOs were all in the skies over Texas on the same evening.

Sadly, as is typical when the mainstream media actually does report on an anomalous event, the news casters spoke with a smirk on their faces and the theme from X-Files playing in the background.

View Jensen's footage on the Fox news report:

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