Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Frightened Chupacabra

Recently I've been posting a lot of classic Chupacabra encounters, and, since people still request them, I'll continue to post more. 

While the creatures have been reported in many different parts of the world, they are perhaps best known for their appearances in Puerto Rico.  A hot bed of Chupacabra activity, the small island has given us tons of reports over the years.

Researcher Albert S Rosales has recently dug up a report from 1996 and the Chupacabra in this one, while still creepy in appearance, doesn't seem very scary.  The account does contain, yet again, a report of a Chupacabra that flies.

This incident occurred in December, 1996 at about seven o'clock in the evening.  Location: Barrio Valenciano Abajo, Juncos, Puerto Rico.

Mrs. Maria Gomez, 50, reported hearing her mix-breed dog, Suky, barking insistently while she was working in the kitchen.  Due to the unusual barking, Maria went out to check why Suky was so nervous.  The terrace was located next to the kitchen.  She looked outside the door that led to the terrace and was stunned by what she saw.  She said it was a "fantastic creature."  It was humanoid in appearance with dark gray skin, about 75 lbs. in weight and about 4 feet tall.  According to Maria, it was staring directly at her small dog with a "threatening and defiant attitude."

Maria stated that it was the "ugliest creature she had ever seen," only the thin screen door separated her from the creature.

Maria armed herself with a baseball bat her husband kept in the kitchen just in case she had to use it.  It seemed to Maria that the creature (a Chupacabra she thought) was attempting to hypnotize her little dog.  The creature stared at her with a pair of huge, luminous eyes, very shiny.  However, it apparently was unable to gain control of the feisty little mutt as it continued to bark at the creature aggressively.  Holding the bat in her right hand, Maria went out onto the terrace and stood in front of the creature at a very short distance away.  And then something surprising occurred.  Maria and the creature started at each other and suddenly the creature seemed frightened and began to tremble as Maria stared it down.  At the same time, she was yelling, "You are a coward if you really are the so-called Chupacabra!"

Still trembling in apparent fear, the bizarre creature slowly covered its body and face with a pair of scaly wings, apparently "hurt" at the insults from Maria.  It then slowly walked in a clumsy manner behind a washing machine on the terrace.  Maria kept yelling at it to leave, and the creature apparently understood her as it suddenly ran and jumped on top of the fence which surrounded the second-story terrace.  From there, it took off, flying away and disappearing into the night sky towards the east.

An interesting detail noted by Maria was that the eyes of the creature appeared to emanate light, illuminating the terrace clearly just like a flashlight.

Original source of this report: Jorge Martin Miranda, Puerto Rico.

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