Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 2016 BEK Update

With my hectic schedule, I don't get the chance to listen to as many radio shows as I'd like to, but when I do get the chance to catch up, one of the best is Expanded Perspectives.  I was on the show about a year ago discussing Strange Intruders, these guys are great, laid back, and they leave the listener with a lot to think about.

They celebrated their 100th episode earlier this year, and the special 100th edition was on the Black Eyed Children.  Best, part is, they related a lot of accounts sent directly to their show, so it's certainly of interest to those studying the topic.

High notes of the episode include:

Another account including a "booming" sound.  Is this related to the BEKs moving in and out of another dimension?

An Australian account of a kid looking for his "kitten," that includes another example of the apparent ability of these creepy children to read the thoughts of their victims.

By far, the most intriguing account the guys present in the show is an encounter that occurred in Sandoval, IL around 1918-1919.  I'm always especially fascinated by accounts that predate television and the modern era, and this one obviously falls within that range.

Check out the show at the link below:

A pack of BEKs?  A post from My Haunted Life Too detailing a female BEK attempting to gain entry into a hotel room gets pretty strange.  When she doesn't get the desired response, she begins to growl at the door.  It's a disturbing account, and the poster, Rick, claims that there were a number of these beings prowling the hotel halls and grounds.  More here:

Finally, here's an older video that has just come to my attention.  It's from David Icke, well know for his conspiracy theories involving the world's elite and politicians.  Icke believes that all of our world leaders are actually reptilians.  In this vid, he recounts his meeting with former British Prime Minister Ted Heath.  Icke says that he watched Heath's eyes turn solid black.  Judge for yourself:

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