Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SOS Cheat Lake Haunting

January 18, 1970, two students from West Virginia University vanished into the night.  Karen Ferrell and Mared Malarik, both nineteen, were last seen getting into a vehicle with a male driver.

For several months, authorities conducted an extensive search, hoping to find the women, or clues about their disappearance.  Eventually, personal articles belonging to the two girls were found strewn along the highway.  A search of the nearby woods led to the discovery of two headless bodies in the woods 15 miles south of Morgantown, WV.

The case went unsolved for five years until a man named Clawson, serving time in a New Jersey prison, confessed to the murders.  But did he do it?  After being tried and convicted for the crime, the conviction was overturned and sent to retrial.  Clawson was convicted again and sent back to prison.  The bizarre thing is, he retracted his confession and went to his grave swearing that he didn't really commit the murders.  It's a long, twisted tale, and to the minds of many, the deaths of the girls remain an unsolved mystery.

Even those who believe that Clawson was guilty have to admit there are aspects of the case that are unfinished.  For instance, the heads of the two victims were never found.

These horrible murders have lead to a ghostly legend at Cheat Lake.  Over the years, numerous people have reported seeing the apparitions of two young women darting through the woods near the road around Cheat Lake.  Accidents have been blamed on the ghostly figures as they distract drivers traveling late at night on the dark road.

The Society of the Supernatural recently went out to the area in an attempt to gather information, and perhaps, spot the ghostly figures said to move through the dark woods.  While there were no glowing female figures spotted that night, we did have some very strange incidents.  Not only that, but there's a personal connection to the case for one of us.  Check out the video below for more:

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