Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Haunted Queen Mary

I have the pleasure of writing this post while sitting in a bar aboard the Queen Mary.  Yes, the haunted Queen Mary.  You see, I'm doing research.  No really.  Bartenders are great sources of information and once you tell them you're interested in the paranormal, they'll often begin spilling stories wether they're believers or not.  (Okay, by coincidence the bar does serve Guinness).

If you're reading my blog, you're interested in the paranormal and the odds are you know at least a bit about the Queen Mary.  It's been featured on countless programs and is known as a haunted ship, perhaps the most haunted ship in the world.  The vessel is docked in Long Beach, California where it has rested since going out of service in 1967.
The ship was launched in 1934 as a luxury liner and later served during WW2 as a transport vessel.  I won't recount the ship's long history here.  If you're not familiar with it already, a quick google search will provide you with tons of information.  I will say however, that the ship is an amazing glimpse into another period.  Its art deco style still holds a certain elegance despite the passing of so many years.  Sadly, the maintenance and repairs don't seem to be kept up on and I notice more wear and tear each time I visit.  No doubt it is an expensive and time consuming task to keep up on this piece of floating history.

I've been on the Queen Mary many times, but with each visit I hear new stories and learn new facts.  I'm fairly well versed in the tales of the various spirits associated with the ship but new encounters do continue to occur.  I heard several from staff members this trip, and that was before hitting the bar.  Once there however, the friendly bartender filled me in on the fact that many staff members are especially 'creeped out' by the numerous faces and images they find in the natural wood grain of the walls.  Just outside of the bar in fact, he showed me a spot on the wall that 'has the face of a devil.'  As you'll notice in the photo below, it's easy to see.

There are many such images to be found in the wood throughout the Queen Mary and it adds another curious aspect to a ship already filled with mystery.
Although I've had paranormal experiences aboard the ship before (a story for another time) I didn't experience anything this time around.  I did however enjoy my time at this classic haunted location.

If you are interested in the lore of this majestic haunted ship, I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of "The Queen Mary: A Floating Phenomenon"  This DVD was produced by my friend Bill Murphy, well known as the lead scientist on the SyFy channel's Fact or Faked the Paranormal Files.  Bill's independent work shines and we don't have to worry about pesky commercials or network editors who decide what we should or shouldn't see.  The documentary runs 75 minutes and gives us a look at some of the ship's most active locations including the First Class Pool and the Cargo Hold.  You'll also hear EVPs collected by investigators and see contact with an aggressive entity know as 'Green Room Henry.'

It's one of my favorite paranormal documentaries and you'll enjoy it wether you've been on the ship or not. 
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