Thursday, October 11, 2012


Perhaps you are aware of what's called the time prompt phenomenon.  The strange inclination to look at clocks and find that the time is exactly 11:11.  This synchronicity often extends beyond clocks, with the number appearing at random on everything from billboards to totals at the convenience store.  Various theories have been promoted over the years to account for this phenomenon.  While some new agers believe the 11:11 is a grand code that activates our DNA, others are adamant that alien races are sending us secret messages and trying to get us to pay attention.  Whatever the explanation, there's no denying that hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have been experiencing it
and talking about it for several years now.  For the most part, people report that this is a positive phenomenon that often signals changes in their lives.  But is 11:11 the only number connected with these types of synchronicities?  The short answer is, not anymore.  In recent years, a growing number of people experience seeing 3:33 repeated over and over in their lives.  Again, this is reported to have positive results and people associate it with everything from angelic presence to spiritual blessings.

On some occasions, there have been reports of the repeated appearance of the number 666.  Obviously, this does not appear on clocks, but those who begin seeing the number find it on other digital readouts, written or posted or even in their bank totals.  Unlike the manifestations of 11:11 and 333, the number 666 is automatically equated with evil due to the biblical passages that denote the number of the beast as being 666.  Those experiencing this number over and over again in their lives report misfortunes and accidents during the period that they see the number.  Is this a psychological effect brought on by our predisposed notion of the number being evil or is some sinister energy causing chaos in the lives of these people?  The question is a difficult one to answer.

Even more recently, I have begun hearing about the phenomenon of 5:17.  Specifically, 5:17 seems to be connected to negative experiences of a paranormal nature.  Take for instance the case of Rebecca.
Rebecca is an abductee.  She has been dealing with memories of numerous abductions by what most people refer to as the Greys.  Rebecca believes her abductions begin fifteen years ago and that during that time she was an unwilling participant in an alien-human hybrid breeding program.

Since her experiences, Rebecca has been haunted by the number 517.  She consistently wakes up at 5:17 each morning.  Although she usually falls back asleep in short order, the number stays with her and she thinks about it when she later gets out of bed.
Furthermore, she reports that her energy 'bottoms out' at 5:17 in the evening.  She becomes so tired that she often resorts to caffeine in order to stay awake a few hours more.  It's not just clocks though.  Rebecca often sees the number repeated during her normal day to day life.  At the coffee shop, the grocery store and other random locations.  She reports:

"I recently caught a cab to go downtown.  When I got in the cab, I looked up and this driver had a big 517 on his visor.  I asked him what the number was for and he just said, 'it's my number'.  It didn't make any sense to me but this was not a man you could have a friendly conversation with so I didn't say anything else.
Another day I was in an establishment where you had to take a number and of course the slip of paper I pulled out said 517."

Like many women with memories of the abduction experience, Rebecca is haunted by constant visions and the recall of things done to her against her will. 

"I've talked to other abductees.  Some of them think the aliens have good intent, that they are working towards the greater good but there's nothing good about my memories.  I refuse to believe that any being working for a greater good would abduct people and force them to do such things.  I never willingly went with these aliens, I never wanted my eggs to be taken for their breeding experiments.  I remember experiencing the sensations of being pregnant but it only lasted about three months.  I kept trying to make myself go to the doctor but I couldn't.  I was too afraid of what I would find out.  People were asking me what was wrong with me, was I gaining weight, was I sick.  I didn't know what to say."

Rebecca began experiencing pains in her stomach and abdomen one night.  She laid down in bed hoping the pains would subside.  It was the last thing she remember until 5:17 AM.

"I knew right away what had happened.  I had been taken again.  Not only that, but this time they had taken the baby that they had placed inside of me.  I didn't feel sad about it being gone.  Although it was from my genes, God knows what else it was combined with.  The abductions stopped after that.  Now I'm left with disturbed memories and a constant nagging that the number 517 should mean something.  Perhaps it's a warning or perhaps it's just a result of all the nasty things that happened to me during the experiences.  Whichever it is, I do not believe that there is anything peace and light about those aliens."
Rebecca's story may sound far fetched to some, but she is one of a large number of women who have come forward with tales of abductions and stories of an alien breeding program.  The numbers grow each year and the questions remain unanswered.  Are these women really being used in some bizarre genetic experiment?  If so, where are these 'aliens' coming from and what is their intent?

Rebecca is not the only person to report strange incidents revolving around the number 517.  Robert in Utah reports that 517 is a 'bad luck number.' 

"Every time I see that number, something negative happens.  It started when a homeless guy came in the store where I work.  He walked around repeating 517 in a loud voice over and over.  We had to get security to take him out.  Maybe that guy got it stuck in my head or something, I'm really not sure.  I just know that if I look at something and see that number, it seems to be a bad omen.  For instance, I got in my car one day, turned the engine over and looked at the digital clock on the dash.  It said 5:17.  I hadn't even moved and someone slammed into the passenger side of my car.  She did a lot of damage too."

Can a number really be evil?  Thousands of people would claim that the number 666 certainly is.  This belief itself may add to the dark energy and incidents often associated with the 'number of the beast'.  But what about a number like 517?  Other than being a brand of levi's, what association could the masses have with this seemingly innocent set of digits?  Maybe there is something to numbers carrying negative energy, or perhaps it's all coincidence.  But then, is there really any such thing?

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  1. For me it tends to be 3.14. I do stay up late and I tend to look at the clock at 3.14 almost every night. "Oh, it's pi again" :P
    Also, 666 does seem to pop up a lot, but I try not to let it scare me. I won't let that number have any power over me.
    Interesting post! :)