Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Paradigm Symposium

There are countless events each year geared towards all aspects of the paranormal.  From straightforward ghost hunts to para-celebrity shows to simple lectures and conventions.  Rarely however, is there a gathering such as the one scheduled for Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 18-21.  It is, to put it simply, the event of the year, perhaps the event of the decade.  The list of speakers is beyond impressive.

Giorgio A Tsoukalos, George Noory, Philip Coppens, Linda Moulton Howe, Ian Punnett, Laird Scranton, Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman, Dr. John Ward, Anthony F. Sanchez, Paul Von Ward, John Ventre, Nick Redfern and Dan Madsen.

As if that list wasn't impressive enough, the event's headliner is the iconic Erich Von Daniken.  Mr Von Daniken's Chariot of the Gods inspired many seekers to explore the concept of Ancient Aliens and their possible influence on our planet.

I've attended too many events to count but this, I have no doubt, will be one of those once in a lifetime moments.  The masterminds behind this gathering are my friends Scott Alan Roberts author of Rise and Fall of the Nephilim and his cohort the mischievous Micah Hanks, author of Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule.
If it were anyone else, I would question wether such a gathering could be pulled off successfully, but I'm confident that these two will give us the event of a lifetime.
Both men are scholars and gentlemen (well most of the time) and their grand vision will benefit everyone who attends.

And yes, I have the honor of speaking at this event so if you attend, catch my lecture on BEKs, Hybrids and maybe a couple of other creepy creatures that are intruding into our world.


  1. As I told you personally, David, your presentation was fantastic --as anyone could easily gauge by the mere number of raising hands, waiting to ask a question re. BEKs or Reptilians.

    The thing you said at the very end really caught my attention, in the sense that pretty much the BEK comprises single witnesses, facing these creepy-looking kids all by themselves. But then you mentioned the incident of the mother and the kid giving one of these entities a ride, and here we have a case of one witness not noticing anything strange about the physiognomy of the BEK, while the other is able to notice the black eyes.

    So it does make you wonder if these entities are just walking around among us all the time, but only a few percentage of sensitive individuals --or maybe it's just due to circumstantial reasons-- are able to tell them apart.

    Kind of like when in some UFO events you have one witness being able to see the phenomenon, while others aren't.

    Which further confirms my suspicions that we need to look into the Consciousness aspect of the Paranormal, if we are ever going to try to find some common parameters between all these (seemingly) divergent manifestations.

    So, once again, kudos to you :)



  2. It seems our thinking is very much in line with each other RPJ. Having studied shamanism for most of my life, I believe that I have a unique perspective. The idea that these beings are and always have been there is very much in keeping with many ancient cultural traditions.
    Understanding ourselves is one of the primary keys to understanding the strange events that take place in the world around us.

    It was a real pleasure to meet you face to face and I'm looking forward to future discussions.