Monday, September 10, 2012

UFO Hotspot: South Carolina

South Carolina has seen a boom in UFO sightings in recent months.  Multiple, unidentified objects have been observed during both day and nighttime hours.  Even more impressive, the objects have now been seen by hundreds of witnesses.

North Myrtle Beach resident Joe Kiernan has shot footage of strange lights and objects on several occasions.  His latest video, captured at around eight PM on August 26, 2012, shows a series of orange lights hovering over the ocean.  Kiernan shot his film while standing on the beach that evening.  Hundreds of other witnesses also observed the strange lights.
Kiernan's video also shows a smaller object traveling rapidly and then disappearing under the bright lights of the large object.

This is not an isolated incident either.  Numerous accounts have come in over the summer of people observing unusual craft in South Carolina.

Is this military activity?  Some kind of atmospheric anomaly?  Or is there another, alien explanation?
The significance of multiple sightings by so many witnesses makes this a fascinating case.  Both the videos and the sightings need closer investigation.

Kiernan's videos can be seen here:

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