Monday, July 30, 2012

"We're Halfway There"

The following is an account that I recently received from a woman new to the UFO phenomena.  She had a strange experience while traveling in Colorado and believes that she encountered an alien-human hybrid.Being new to the study of UFOs, she is still having difficulty coming to terms with the concepts and ideas that she is now exploring.  She finds herself overwhelmed with the scope of the field and its diverse personalities and theories.  She was thrown into the subject very suddenly when she learned that her sister was an abductee.

Justine had not seen her older sister for over three years.  When they finally reconnected in the spring of 2012, Justine received the surprise of her life.  Her sister, Catherine, introduced her to the world of UFOs, aliens and abductees.

"Our parents separated when my sister and I were teenagers.  As a result, we never felt that close to our parents because we just held a lot of anger towards them" recounts Justine.  "I think it made my sister and I closer though.  That's why it was hard when she just sort of disappeared on me.  When she told me I wouldn't hear from her for a while, I thought she meant a few weeks, not several years."

Justine's sister finally got in touch with her in early 2012.  She reported that she was living in Colorado and she wanted Justine to come visit her as soon as she could.  It took a couple of months to arrange time off, but by the spring, Justine was on the road to Colorado.

"Seeing Catherine was comfortable and tense at the same time.  I arrived late on Thursday night and we talked well into the night.  Mostly about old memories and then a lot about what I had done the past few years.  When I started pressing her about what she had been doing all that time, she pushed me off to bed and said we'd talk tomorrow."

It wasn't until Friday night that Catherine dropped the bombshell on her sister.

"Justine.  I'm an abductee."

Justine wasn't interested in UFOs and she didn't know what her sister was talking about when she made the statement.  It was a long conversation before she understood that Catherine was claiming to have been abducted, multiple times, by aliens.

"Outside of seeing a few movies, I've never paid any attention to all of the alien stuff.  It took quite a while before I got that my sister was serious and that she really believed that she had been abducted by creatures in UFOs.
Catherine had moved to Colorado to get away and focus on herself and her experiences.  She told me that the abductions had been going on for many years and that when memories started coming back, she felt a need to withdraw and try to understand it all.
We talked about her experiences for most of the rest of the weekend and I asked a lot of questions.  Before I left, she gave me a few books to read. Two books by Stan Romanek, Messages and Answers, and a couple by Whitley Strieber, apparently, the most famous abductee.
Honestly, I still wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing when I left but I promised her that I would read through the books and that I would visit again in the summer."

Justine headed home, driving south through Colorado.  It was mid afternoon when she pulled into a gas station just off the interstate.

"I stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank.  I'll admit, my mind was a million miles away at the time.  With everything that my sister had dropped on me my thoughts were just racing.  I was sort of on auto-pilot when I pulled up to the pump and got out of the car.  I ran my credit card, put the nozzle in and started pumping gas. 
All of a sudden, I realized there was a young girl standing there.  She was near the front of my car on the little island where the pumps sit.  Even though I was distracted, I don't know how I missed seeing her when I pulled up.  She was wearing a cream colored dress that looked rather old to me.  I thought, well, it's Sunday, maybe she's been to church.  I don't even know why I was thinking about it.  She was standing there staring at me and I looked right at her.  She had the most startling blue eyes that I have ever seen.  I think her pupils must have been really large and it made her eyes look oversized.  I couldn't even see any whites in her eyes from where I was, just that bright blue.  She looked fairly normal otherwise.  Her hair was very pale blonde and her skin was extremely white as if she never got any sun.  I said hello to her but instead of saying hi back she said:

"We're halfway there". 

I wondered what in the world she meant by that.  I said to her, "I don't understand".  I looked around, expecting to see a car on the other side of the island because her parents had to be around.  There was no one there.  The little girl was still looking at me and she said "Your sister Catherine will understand, it's for all of us".  It gave me a chill.
I let go of the gas nozzle and started to walk towards her.  She didn't move, but I only took a couple of steps before I felt like I shouldn't go any closer.  All of a sudden, I was kind of afraid.  I stepped back, put the nozzle back in the pump and opened my car door.  The little girl, still watching me, said again, "We're halfway there". 
Just at that moment, a pickup truck pulled up at the pumps to my right.  I looked over and saw an older man get out of his truck.  I called out, "Excuse me" and he turned towards me saying "Yeah?".  I glanced towards the little girl.  I just wanted this man to see her and see if she would say something to him.  She was gone.  I looked around and she was nowhere in sight.  I turned back towards the man with my mouth hanging open.  He was just looking at me.  I knew he hadn't see the girl.  I muttered that I was sorry, jumped in my car and drove away."

Justine was very shaken by her encounter at the gas station.  Once she calmed down some, she called her sister and told her about the little girl who had mentioned her by name.

"You've seen a hybrid" Catherine told her.

Justine had been introduced to the concept of alien-human hybrids during the weekend with her sister.  It wasn't something they had discussed in depth because Justine was trying to accept the simple idea that her sister had been abducted.  The possibility of alien children was a far stretch for someone new to the concepts she had been confronted with.

"Maybe it was a hybrid, I don't know.  I don't think that girl could have vanished like that but I don't think I was imagining things either.  I do believe she was real and what she said has stuck in my mind.  What did she mean when she said half way there?  Halfway to what?  From the way the girl stated it, It wasn't just about Catherine and I, but about people in general.  My sister and I have discussed it many times but we don't have an answer yet."

Justine is certainly not the first person to encounter what they believe to be an alien hybrid.  It's interesting to hear accounts from those who are new to the world of UFOs.  There's no preconceived idea or agenda to promote.  Just a strange encounter to relate and attempt to understand.

The child's statement is especially curious and doesn't seem to have any personal meaning for the sisters at this time.  So, what is its deeper meaning?  What exactly are we halfway to? 


  1. Halfway to the end or the beginning of something? It is eerie to say the least!

  2. Total David Jacobs stuff here. Dr. Jacobs also says the aliens are claiming we are “about to be all together”. Looks like a merger type situation. The new humans.

    However, I find myself very wary of the solid black eyes because if it is frightening people so much maybe it’s a flaw. If there’s a flaw in the new humans there may be some serious assimilation issues. When Cro-Magnon man merged with Neanderthal there were many problems, and when Homo-sapiens merged with Cro-Magnons it was the same. When this new race, Homo-technopien, comes in full force, many will die. People are really scared anyway because of total corruption in government, the church, and politics.

    These little black eyed “new humans” will really freak people out. I personally would like to see a peaceful merger, with the highly aggressive, testosterone and estrogen rich Homo-sapiens slowly going away. The new humans, being technologically and spiritually advanced, will lead to a new, more peaceful civilization.

    I look forward to seeing the start of it, but personally I do not intend on coming back to this paradigm. Not even in that new body. I’m done here and plan on just traveling the stars in my spirit body when I leave this highly flawed human body. This experiment sucks. Secret societies, corrupt government, fake religions, false monetary systems, rapists, murderers, and jerks everywhere. And they are in charge! This place sucks.

    1. I often look at the world we live in and wonder if this is indeed 'hell' ... wars, killing, serial killers, kids killing kids, torture, greed, organized religion, all controlled by heartless sociopaths who care for nothing but themselves... not paradise by any means... and it's getting worse. Everyone consumed with stuff. How much stuff they have, even Mega-churches spending so much on their stuff, their mega-centers with plush seats, wearing $2500 suits instead of feed the sick and needy. They don't even try and hide it anymore. So I agree with you wholeheartedly.