Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BEKs on Examiner.com

This is a haunting tale of The Black Eyed Children who are being seen by many across the globe. Strange pale black eyed children wanting to come into your home.


  1. Hi David,
    I got recommended your book BECs by Nick Redfern on Southcoast Radio with Kate V, and have been spending the better part of a week trying to find it on Amazon, it looks to be out of print at the moment and the only copys that are left are really expensive, do you have any Idea if it will be re-printed soon?
    Or do you have your own site where I could get a copy from?

    Oh great blog by the way I spend a few happy hours reading your blog :-)

  2. Hi Arrmand,
    Glad that you're enjoying the blog, thanks.

    The Black Eyed Children book is still in print. You can get it directly from the press at:


    Copies from that site are signed.