Monday, July 9, 2012

UFO Sorority Sisters

A short time ago, I wrote a post about the so called "Wendy Krissy" (see full post below) and her Facebook profile, clearly designed to attract men interested in the topic of UFOs.
Both myself and a number of other researchers in the field had noticed Wendy and the odd nature of her profile.  Links on her page lead to an endless array of pointless links and a page that encourages everyone to add their own sites.  "One Million UFO Researchers" seems quite anxious to get everyone signed up, but why?  Why the information gathering and if it's harmless, why the false profile?  The so called Wendy Krissy's pics came from a modeling agency but that's not indicated on Facebook, we're lead to believe we're actually becoming friends with the attractive blonde in the photos.  But it seems that Miss Krissy may be part of a whole sorority of stunning women interested in UFOs.

Case in point, Lisa Young.  Although her profile is on the virtual wasteland that is Google+, her page has still gotten comments related to her stunning eyes.  Lisa added me to her circle on Google+ and when I looked at her profile, I was greeted by the familiar logo of One Million UFO Researchers.  In case you're interested, Lisa lives in "AlienUFO" and works at "AlienUFO study".

Lisa's not alone on Google though, seems another one of the sorority sisters is there too, pushing the same agenda.  This one is Karen Veronica.

Like Lisa's profile, the page is full of links encouraging us to enter the UFO chat
and join the one million.

There's no doubt that this is all from the same source and likely these pics on Google+ are again photos of models from overseas, though we don't get any bikini shots this time.  As before, the question must be asked, Why?  Who's gathering information and for what purpose?  Is this all just part and parcel of the sometimes strange behavior in the UFO field or is there something we should be concerned about?



    Here's more - check out the link above and then Scroll down to see Pat Davis.

    I got a note that claimed to know the identity of the scammer:

    "His name is Jim . He is from new Zealand . He is a well known con man who gets by with donations"

    Mike C

  2. Well, I guess I can say that I've heard it all now!