Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Radio Misterioso Interview

I recently sat down with writer and researcher Greg Bishop to do an interview for his show, Radio Misterioso.

This was a great discussion as Greg and I share many similar viewpoints and, best of all, we delved into material not often covered on other shows.

As Greg states:

"We sat in a couple of comfy chairs in my room at this year's conference and explored ideas about manifested thoughtforms (also known by their Tibetan name: tulpas) the Philip experiment, bigfoot as a physical being with paranormal abilities (something I hadn't considered before) and his investigation of ghostly disturbances at the Ripley Museum in Florida. He is as thoughtful and non-dogmatic as they come in this field, and that is rare."

Check out the show at the link below and be sure to delve in to Greg's previous postings, there's lots of good material to be found.


  1. Right on! Greg is one of my favorite interviewers and you (David) are one of my favorite guest. Looking forward to this.