Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 2017 BEK Update

This month's roundup of some recent BEK reports includes two from Lon Strickler's Phantoms and Monsters blog:

"One was very tall and lanky, wearing a dark hooded cape. The other was short, like the size of a 5-year-old, dressed in a black one-piece suit that covered its head. And yet, I had an unmistakable sense that the smaller one was the 'person in charge' of the duo and the situation. I was scared since I thought these two were up to 'no good' and I couldn't understand why my husband had let them in-at the same time wondering where he was."

So says "Jaye" who reported her encounter to Strickler recently. Jaye's account falls within the standard BEK accounts, but the aftermath is even creepier since Jaye says she may have become pregnant during the incident.

More details at Lon's blog here:

Strickler has also recently posted another BEK account, this one involving a woman who answers the door to find a creepy kid wanting entrance. The interesting thing about this report is the reaction of the woman's cat. Check it out here:

Finally, in the "make up your own mind" department this month, a video from Fantastic News Daily claiming that a pair of black eyed kids have been arrested in Manchester. Purportedly the kids, a male and a female, were examined by a doctor after their arrest. According to the report, the Dr. stated that the black eyes were real and not the result of body modification or contacts.

Hey, I just report this stuff, watch the video and decided for yourself: 

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  1. If genuine, it would be a first-that 2 black eyed kids have been arrested.It could be a hoax but on the other hand it would be easy to see if such an incident occurred.But these beings seem to have the ability to disappear fast,as if they have supernatural abilities.If so, why couldn't they avoid being arrested? And why wait for an ambulance ride to make an escape? This incident could also be verified.Now who are these sinister beings? Are they aliens or demonic? I'm inclined to think they are the latter because they seem to need permission to get into peoples'homes.That sounds like a religious thing.Aliens abduct people and they don't ask permission so if these black eyed kids were aliens they wouldn't need permission to get into homes.But if they are demonic, they could evade capture and these 2 kids could not or would not until the ambulance ride.Have they been around for centuries and not widely known or are they appearing only in recent times? If the latter, why so? Could it be they are tied in with the end times? I think awareness of the black eyed kids needs to be spread.They are clearly a threat and need to be understood.And by the way, the photo of the black eyed girl is really eerie.Where is the one of the boy? One other thing, although I said they could be demonic rather than alien, they could be hybrids of aliens and humans.I say that because of the black eyes.I have heard people say aliens are demonic so that covers both! Who or what are they?!