Friday, February 24, 2017

House of the Haunted Fields

In rural Mississippi, there's a small house that looks like something from another era. Cobbled together with pieces from other homes that used to stand in the area, the house sits surrounded by cotton fields and dark woods.
There's no power, no light pollution from cities, no sounds of traffic or people. The darkness and quite alone can be unnerving for those used to the sounds of bustling cities.

The place is now known as "The House of the Haunted Fields" and it's slowly gaining a reputation for several reasons.

Each year, around Halloween, there's a haunted attraction on the property with creepy scenes from horror films. Characters ranging from Jason Vorhees to Fredy Kruger can be spotted lurking in the shadows and people come to have a good scare for a small fee.

But outside of the "fun scares" provided during the fall, there's another unsettling fact about this property--It really is haunted.

There's a wide range of reports from this historic location. It's a brief drive from Vicksburg, a major hub of activity during the Civil War. Various entities have been reported at the site, not just within the home, but also outside, in the cotton fields and woods that surround it.

There are reports of a ghost train that can still be heard, though even the original tracks are now long gone.
A strange entity known as the "tree man" has been seen, leaping among the branches of trees that surround the house. Ghostly apparitions have been spotted all around the land. Why is it such a vortex of activity?

The Society of the Supernatural was invited to the home to look for some answers and evidence. It was a cray investigation to say the least.

For more info on the house, check out their Facebook page, they're great people!

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