Friday, July 29, 2016

SOS Shepherdstown Haunting

Shepherdstown, West Virginia lies along the Potomac River.  Chartered in 1762, it's arguably the oldest town in the state and is home to Shepherd University.

The town was a focal point for both the American Revolution and the Civil War and is rich in history, the arts, and ghost.

Shepherdstown has long been known for its high amount of ghostly activity, perhaps due in part to the area's involvement in the conflict between the states.  During the Civil War, the town was overrun with the dead and dying, and countless buildings were used as makeshift morgues and hospitals.

Recently, Nick Groff's series, Ghost of Shepherdstown, has brought a lot of awareness to the
numerous hauntings in the small community.

The Society of the Supernatural recently spent some time in Shepherdstown for some filming, below is an investigation we conducted at one of the town's haunted cemeteries.  Apparently, the spirit of a horseman went by during our time at the spot, check out the video for more.



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