Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sasquatch 75'

In the spring of 1975, areas of New Jersey and Maryland produced a number of strange "monster" reports. 

The first, and perhaps most intriguing one, came from a Green Beret camping at High Point State Park in New Jersey.
The man, a Vietnam veteran, reported that a huge, unidentified animal routed him from his campsite. The vet stated that the creature made strange screeching and growling noises.

Investigator Robert Jones interviewed the man and was quite impressed by his account.  Jones stated:

"This isn't a little old lady who got scared in the dark."

Jones went on to interview a number of other people in the area who had reported the beast.
At least three dozen other people claimed to have seen the creature, described as huge, hairy and possibly nine feet in height.

An additional dozen people claimed that they heard the creature and some reported a "booming roar" that was chilling to hear.  Additionally, multiple witnesses stated that the creature emmitted a "skunk-like aroma" that was stomach turning to be around.

Over in Bel Air, Maryland, a driver reported hitting a seven foot tall hairy creature with his car.  The man said the figure was standing on two legs in the road but, despite being struck by the vehicle, it ran off before he could get a clear look at it.  The man's car receive damage to its grillwork and there were reports of hair samples, but no follow up appears to have been done.

In Darlington, Maryland, a woman found footprints measuring between 18 and 20 inches in her garden.  The tracks were several inches deep and the woman reported that she believed the creature had jumped over her eight foot fence to reach the garden.  Unfortunately, the woman's son-in-law plowed the tracks over assuming they were fakes, or perhaps, not wanting any attention drawn to the family.

Numerous residents in the area also reported that their dogs were acting strange during this period, reacting perhaps, to the presence of something they were afraid of.

Despite the density of population in both of these eastern states, there are still reports of encounters with strange creatures.  More evidence that we certainly don't know everything about what may exist in the wild.


  1. Hi David. What percentage of sightings do you think actually get reported?
    -Jim Heater

  2. In the summer of 1976, there were a number of sightings in, of all places, southern Delaware west of Bethany Beach.