Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mandatory Exorcism Classes

Spain's University College of Barberan and Collan has added compulsory classes in Exorcisms to its curriculum.

The college is connected to the public research institute Complutense University of Madrid.  Curiously, aside from standard student fees, the college is funded by Spain's Defense Ministry.

Father Jose Antonio Fortea Cucurull was recently called on to teach a course entitled "The Evil" for almost 200 students.  The class included information related to the devil, hell, exorcisms, and possessions.

According to reporters with El Diario, the aim of the obligatory program is to "promote intellectual, physical and moral development" of its students.

Cucurull has in the past, been connected to the Vatican's chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth.  Father Amorth, now 91, claims to have conducted over 160,000 exorcisms in his twenty four year career.  He publicly stated that the child abuse sex scandal that rocked the Church was evidence of Satan's presence.  He further claimed that Pope Benedict had agreed with him regarding the need to cast evil out of all corners of the Holy Church:

"We have cardinals who don't believe in Christ, bishops connected with demons.  Then we have these stories of pedophilia.  You can see the rot when we speak of Satan's smoke in the holy rooms of the Vatican."

Father Cucurull has written a treatise on demonology and a manual on exorcism.  He has lectured in a number of countries on topics related to the demonic and states:

"The devil has horns and a color, is an incorporeal entity...that roams the world."

He also writes a popular blog "Blog del padre Fortea," Father Fortea's blog, dealing with many of the topics he discusses in classes and interviews.


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