Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 2016 BEK Update

Here are some recent BEK encounters that have been reported around the net.

First up, Keith from Australia got in touch with Dave Schrader over at Darkness Radio to report on his encounter with a pair of black eyed girls who showed up at his door with bloody hands.  The report is even more unusual in that one of the girls grabbed Keith by the arm during the encounter.

I should note here that a couple of people have criticized the report since the city Sydney is misspelled and they believe this indicates a phony report.  BUT, this report was read on air and was transcribed by another party, so spelling errors don't indicate any fraud here, merely honest mistakes by the transcriber.

See the full report over at Phantoms and Monsters:


In the last few years, there have been an increasing number of reports of black eyed adults.  While there's something much creepier about the children, the encounters with adults with solid black eyes can also be very unnerving. 

A report over at Week in Weird has been posted and it details a Pennsylvania encounter with a black eyed adult from the 1990s, the very ear of the modern wave of BEK sightings.  Check it out here:


Finally, we have another report over at Phantoms and Monsters aptly titled "Don't Let Them In!"  It's also a report shared by Darkness Radio.


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