Saturday, June 4, 2016

Haunted Robb Canyon

Robb Canyon, in Rainbow Ridge Park is just west of the city of Reno, Nevada.

Over the years, the spot has gained a reputation as one of the most active haunted areas in the western U.S.  But the story is anything but straightforward.

Legend says that four mutilated bodies were discovered in the canyon in the 1970s.  The bodies, three men and one woman, were never identified, so many people believe that their restless spirits haunt the canyon, seeking justice or revenge.  Speculations of mob killings and serial killers have played a roll in the lore of the unsolved murders.  But what really happened?  More to the point, did anything at all happen?

The confusion arises when digging into the facts connected to the murders.  Although the story is firmly rooted in local lore, there seems to be little to no information on the murder case or the discovery of the bodies in Nevada news archives.  But this doesn't exactly solve the case since there are also rumors of some kind of cover up of the information in the case.

Even the reports by local residents are confusing.  Some people claim that nothing happens in the canyon, others say their neighbors are just afraid to talk and don't want more attention on the area.

Some residents have reported hearing blood curdling screams, seeing strange figures moving in the canyon, and even hearing and seeing the spirits of children in the playground that has been built in the area.

There's no doubt that numerous teams of paranormal investigators have had strange experiences in the canyon.  Reports from teams across the country include accounts of being pushed, held down and attacked, and having objects throw at them.

Then there are the reports of strange shadow figures seen moving around the canyon.  Some describe them as shadow people, others say they don't appear exactly human, but not animal either.

Recently, the Society of the Supernatural conducted an investigation in the canyon to see what we could come up with.  It was in interesting location to say the least.  Did something occur in the canyon, or have wandering spirits been attracted to the spot because of its unusual energy?

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