Monday, June 20, 2016

Black Eyed Adult in Chile 1956

I'm constantly asked about new encounters with black eyed beings.  While it's true that new cases continue to be reported on a regular basis, I'm personally very interested in older accounts that predate any modern influence by television or the internet.  When researching my book on the Black Eyed Children, I uncovered some cases, but more continue to come to light.

Researcher Albert Rosales is always unearthing obscure and fascinating cases and he's been coming across some that contain encounters with black eyed people.  Here's a recent one he posted from Chile that involves a black eyed woman.  The case is from 1956.  Thanks to Jamie L. Brian for bringing it to my attention:

Rancagua, Chile

The witness, Lorenzo Venegas (currently an evangelical Methodist Pastor) was 5-years of age at the time, lived in a large house with a swing set in the back yard. According to Lorenzo there were rumors that his father was a practicing ‘Warlock’ but he did not believe it. But at times strange things would happen in the house.

He remembers playing with his brothers and being visited by a woman dressed all in white with braided hair and with eyes that were completely black. For some reason the youngster felt no fear of her. When they told their parents they were not believed and their parents would laugh. Apparently his parents were not able to see the lady, only the young children could see her.

One day according to Lorenzo she saw the lady and she was crying. She told him that she was leaving because “they no longer needed her”, and she no longer had “permission” to play with them. The children would call her “the white lady” because her skin was so pale, “just like a dead person”. However Lorenzo insisted that they felt no fear when she was with them. Her hair was extremely black and she always wore the same white dress that appeared to be a little “worn”. People would tell them that she was a “demon” but Lorenzo didn’t think that was the case.

He remembers that one time they asked her if they could hug her but she told them not to touch her because if they did she would “get sick” and would not be able to return and play with them. Lorenzo’s younger brother asked her where did she live and the lady looked up at the sun and said that it was very far, “beyond the sun”. “How do you travel back and forth from your home?” she was asked. Her answer was peculiar, “I think of being there and I am there, and then I think of being here and here I appear”.

HC addendum Source: Archives of Robert Othmar Vettiger citing interview with witness (2015) Type: E?

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