Monday, December 21, 2015

Krampus Graphic Novel Reviewed

By now, everyone knows that the Krampus movie hit the big screens in early December, but this month also brought a graphic novel that expands the mythology and backstory of this intriguing figure.  As we hear in the intro:

"It also turns out Christmas' main mascot was hiding something.  Santa Claus had a shadow, a mischievous counterpart who was mostly forgotten over the centuries but has slowly resurfaced..."

Presented by Michael Dougherty, the man behind the Krampus film, the book features a number of writers and artist well known for their work in comics.  Four separate stories are featured which all tie in nicely by the end.  A drunken Santa, a cop searching for her sister's killer and a rich, heartless man clearly inspired by Scrooge all get to confront the devil of Christmas.  Without giving anything away, I'll say the lessons come through to each character quite well and the wrap up is nice.

The creepy tones of the stories utilize a lot of familiar Christmas imagery and all in all the book helps reveal another aspect to the Krampus legend.  Has Dougherty states:

"Bringing Krampus to the big screen was always the main goal, but in order to introduce him to as many people as possible, my cohorts and I knew we needed to build a nest for him in comic books as well.  His mythology and history was too big and too rich to be contained to one movie, and after centuries of waiting in the shadows, it only made sense to give the Christmas Devil his due."

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