Saturday, December 12, 2015

Faceless Entity Encounter

Yesterday, I wrote about some old lore related to the Tall Man and his connection to the Internet creation Slenderman. 
Slenderman shares elements with other weird entities that people have encountered over the years and yesterday's tall man piece showed some of those connections. 
After reading that post, researcher Albert S. Rosales shared an account with me that has other, striking similarities with the creepy Internet figure.  Here, in an encounter from 1981, we find a tall, faceless figure in black:

Location: Pozohondo, Albacete, Spain

Date: January 30, 1981

A mother and her son were cruising at moderate speed on a road outside of town when the driver (the son) noticed what appeared to be a huge shadow standing on the side of the road.  They commented how careless the tall figure in black was for standing so close to the road.

As they approached the figure, they noticed that it was standing totally still.  The driver flashed his lights at the figure, hoping it would move, but it remained there. 

The driver slowed the vehicle and had to perform an abrupt turn in order to avoid hitting the figure.  At this point, they could see that the humanoid was at least 2-meters in height (6.5 feet), beige in color, they could not see any feet or hands.  Its head was deformed and completely lacking any features or "faceless." 

As they drove by the creature, it moved three steps in a strange sliding fashion.  The driver accelerated the vehicle and did not stop until they reached the town.  That same day, a local police officer saw a large orange light descend near the same road. 

Source: Iker Jimenez, Historia de Los Ovni en Espana

Of course, one of the unsettling aspects of Slenderman tales is that the figure has no distinguishable facial features. 
Various paranormal accounts through the ages sometime mention faceless entities and such accounts have been attributed to everything from ghosts to aliens.  Whatever the origin, the idea of a human-like figure without a normal face certainly adds a disturbing element to any supernatural encounter.

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