Monday, December 7, 2015

Cryptid Christmas Gifts

It's December and the Christmas countdown has begun!  For those of you who aren't finished with your shopping, here are some choice items for the Cryptozoologist on your list.

Cryptid Culture
There aren't too many regular publications devoted to Cryptozoology, but a new one just debuted this fall.  Cryptid Culture focuses on all areas of the field from interviews to book and movie related news items.  The first issue shows a lot of promise and it's a perfect time to jump on board and show support.
Available at:

Bigfoot Beanie
To help weather the cold temps, try on one of Cliff Barackman's Bigfoot Beanies.  Made of fleece with a Sasquatch logo on the front, these are great hats and come in a couple of different colors.  One size fits all.  Well, human sized heads anyway.
Available from Mysterious Charms:

Crypto Coloring
Next up, the Unbelievable Cryptozoology Coloring Book.  Yep, there's actually a coloring book featuring Bigfoot, Yeti and a range of other cryptid creatures.  Fun for all ages, so release your inner child or pick one up for the young, budding cryptozoologist in your family.
Available at Amazon:

Cryptid Figures
Looking for something more unique?  Look no further than Creatureplica and the work of sculptor Jean St. Jean.  The first set of cryptid figures is on the way and these amazing pieces put anything you knew as a child to shame.  The first set is available for pre-order, but word is they'll be released before Christmas.  So far, there's a Yeti, Sasquatch, Hellhound and Rougarou with more to be announced soon.  Snag these while you can, I have a feeling they'll soon be hard to get.
Available at CreatureReplica:

International Cryptozoology Museum
For an even wider range of gift options, check out Loren Coleman's International Cryptozoology Museum.  Coleman is an icon in the field of Cryptozoology.  He has authored numerous books and created the only museum devoted entirely to the field.  Plans are now in motion to move the museum to a new building with expanded room and donations to the cause are always appreciated.  But if you're after a physical item to wrap up and put under the tree, you have to check out the museum's store with it's wide selection of books, foot casts, toys and other items.  You're sure to find something to suit everyone with an interest in cryptids.
Available online at:

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