Saturday, July 8, 2017

Angels & Demons

A man in Indianapolis, Indiana believes his guardian angel may have stepped in and prevented a potentially dire encounter. The witness was out enjoying a night on the town when he encountered a dark-eyed man with seemingly evil intent.

The incident occurred on a February night in 2007. Of interest here is that the witness was a veteran of the war in Iraq:

"The witness, his girlfriend and a couple of friends were out bar hopping on a Friday night in the Broad Ripple district when he ran out of cash and had to run to the ATM at the bank down the block. After withdrawing some cash from the ATM he turned around and saw that across the street was a man leaning against the telephone pole on the corner.

He was dressed well in a black suit with an open collar, maroon shirt. H was tall, maybe 6'4" and was white with short, jet-black hair. He couldn't be sure of the distance, but was convinced that the stranger's eyes were completely jet-black.

The scariest part was that the stranger was staring across this crowded intersection at the witness with an incredibly smug look on his face. The witness, an Iraqi war vet, was suddenly filled with "abject terror." The stranger's appearance was absolutely impeccable and he was just standing there, like he knew something the witness didn't and as if it were something the witness "wasn't going to like."

He didn't want to hang around any longer than necessary so he took off at a quick pace back toward the club where his friends were. After several yards, he allowed himself a glance backward and saw that the stranger was following him across the street. He reminded himself that nothing could happen with people all around, but he didn't really believe it.

He reached the club, but there was a line in front of the bouncer who was checking IDs. The witness stood there shaking with fear as he saw the man pause on the other side of the street, look both ways, then calmly begin crossing toward the witness. Every move he made was precise and deliberate. The witness somehow knew that when the man got to him something horrible was going to  happen, and it was only with great effort that he managed to maintain his composure. Just then, another man walked up to the witness from the other direction.

He was in his late 20's or early 30's, wearing jeans, sneakers, a baseball cap, and a hooded sweatshirt from a local university. He touched the witness on the shoulder and immediately the witness felt calmer. Then he said:

"Don't worry. You're all right. We have everything under control."

The witness glanced back at the man in the suit and he had paused in the middle of the street. It was amazing that he wasn't run over. 

The sweatshirt man turned away from the witness to face the man in the suit. It was clear to the witness that it was some kind of showdown. After a moment, the man in the suit sneered at them, in frustration it seemed. Then turned around and walked away. 

The sweatshirt man turned back to the witness with a reassuring smile, patted his shoulder, and walked on. 

Back inside the club, his girlfriend immediately noticed something was wrong, but before she could say anything, his other friend said:

"Did your friend find you?"

The witness replied, "Who?" His friend explained that he had run into a guy that had been looking for him. He described the sweatshirt man."

Account from researcher Albert S. Rosales, originally recounted via Your True Tales.

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