Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Giant Frog Encounter in Loch Ness

In one of those curious synchronicities that often seem to occur when delving into strange topics, several weird cryptid encounters involving frogs, frog-people and giant frogs have crossed my radar since I was in Loveland, Ohio.

For those not familiar with it, the town was the location for the famous "Loveland Frogman" sightings. The incidents were discussed in a previous post and on a video by Society of the Supernatural:


But there are other cases of strange frog creatures here and there. I just picked up Nick Redfern's new book on the Loch Ness monster, (a title I'll be writing a full review for soon) and low and behold there's a curious incident about a giant frog in the famous loch.

The incident was described years after it occurred and was published in the "Northern Chronicle." The tale involves one Duncan MacDonald who came face to face with the with the bizarre creature. According to Nick's recounting of the tale:

"It was his [MacDonald's] task to take a dip into Loch Ness, at Johnnies Point, and examine a ship that had sunk in the entrance to the Caledonian Canal at Fort Augustus. MacDonald was confronted by something far stranger than a sunken ship. After being lowered to a depth of around thirty feet, he suddenly raced for the surface, practically screaming to his friends to haul him aboard their vessel.

It was several days before MacDonald could bring himself to confide in the rest of the crew what he had seen. It was nothing less than a frog-like creature, perched on a rock shelf, and which was around the size of a fully-grown goat. The beady-eyed monster and the terrified diver even locked eyes on each other, until MacDonald, momentarily paralyzed with fear, managed to swim for safety and reached the surface. Thankfully, the monster-sized frog--or whatever it was--did not pursue him."

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