Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ripley's Believe it or Not! Ocean City

Here's the continuation of Society of the Supernatural's in-depth investigation of the Ripley's Believe it or Not "Odditorium" on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.

Some fascinating incidents have been captured by security cameras at the location and we followed up on some of the reports to see if we could determine who, or what, has been causing the disturbances.

As with all Ripley's locations, the site contains many genuine artifacts gathered by the legendary Robert Ripley during his numerous travels around the world.

There are historic items that, at the least, hold a lot of residual energy, tribal artifacts used in various dances and ceremonies, even torture instruments that were put to horrifying use at different periods in history. Looking at one of the infamous "Iron Maidens" one can't help but be disturbed by the fact that it was built to inflict unbelievable pain.

During our time at the location, we had a lot of activity around the area that holds some of the torture equipment, as well as antique jail records for San Quentin prison. The same spot also has a display of arrest warrants from the 1500's.

It also comes as no surprise that I had some personal experiences and responses in the room loaded with tribal artifacts.

If you're in Ocean City, a stop at this Ripley's location is a must!

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