Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Archive of the Afterlife Investigation

Steve Hummel Archive of the Afterlife
Recently the Society of the Supernatural was in Moundsville, West Virginia for the Grave City Paracon. While there, we spent a night investigating the Archive of the Afterlife, an amazing collection of historic and haunted items.

Steve Hummel, the mastermind behind the Archive, has worked hard to gather curious items from around the world. Currently included in the collection are artifacts from World War Two, creepy haunted dolls, caskets, vintage photos and more.

Of special note are a number of items from the haunted, old West Virginia State Penitentiary. One of Steve's recent acquisitions is the cap from "old sparky," the electric chair used at the WV Penn to send a number of death row inmates to their final stop.

The investigation was especially intense for former law enforcement officer Dave Spinks. What appeared to be the angry spirit of one of the executed inmates came forth and was very unhappy with the presence of a former prison guard. The events from this investigation led to some intense incidents, a powerful and personal story that Dave may chose to share at some point.

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