Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pennsylvania Dogman Map

It's amazing how many Dogman reports continue to come in from around the country. I'm receiving accounts on a regular basis, many of them from people who are speaking out about sightings they've had in the past, but many others, recounting incidents right after they've happened.

I've heard a few researchers refer to Dogman as a "new thing" but really, these sightings have historical precedence. Early settlers talked about "werewolf" encounters here in the United States, werewolf clearly being a term they brought over from Europe. Did they also bring these creatures with them, or were they encountering something unknown that was already living here in the wilds?

For those interested in Dogmen accounts, Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters has put up an online map listing sightings, both modern and historical, for the Pennsylvania region.

This is a great tool and I'm sure that it will be expanded on. If other researchers did the same in their areas, we could cover a lot of ground and perhaps start looking at patterns.

Check the map out at this link:


  1. We know that many many of the Dogman sightings are in places that had or still have burial mounds. We also have tons of old newspaper reports that there were Giants found in the mounds which our thoughtful Smithsonian made disappear down their memory hole. In England as well as America, Dogman have been reported digging in the mounds. One even spoke to the security guard that light him up w his flashlight. It spoke a Spanish word that probably was "Stay". Anyway, the Giants were not native Americans. Those mounds were not made by them and they stated this many times. The mound builders were talked about as being giant white ppl with red or blonde hair.
    The more I study this whole fascinating subject the more my mind keeps going back to the mound builders. Not the Native Smericans. You saw the correlation but you've pinned it on the wrong ppl's. It's those Giants you need to look into next. It'll blow your mind. There's much wisdom to be gained by connecting the Dogman to the mysterious Giants. There are several good books about the Giants of ancient America and the way the Smithsonian institute made them all just disappear. Please keep researching this connection~ BUT use the correct ppl. You're almost there Buddy. Makes my liver quiver thinking about it. Giant pets for giant men. Hmmmm.

  2. Thanks for your comments Julie. I'm well familiar with the various giant legends and have dug into them quite a bit over the years and I've read most of those books. Native American elders that I've spoken with have told me about both their giant stories as well as dogman legends. However, there is also a very clear connection between early European settlers and the stories they brought about werewolves when they came to America so I've no qualms about continuing to follow that line of research along with the rest of the information.