Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Wheezing MIB

In yesterday's post, I chronicled how investigator John Keel wrote about a strange condition exhibited by purported aliens and Men in Black in a number of cases that he documented.  In the same Saga article I previously quoted, Keel details another odd case involving a strange wheezing man:

"In the fall of 1969, an astonished motorist in Massachusetts found the road blocked by a large flying saucer.  A red-faced man with "popping eyes" came up to his car and asked the witness to drive him into the nearest town.  The man wore a short black coat and "very shiny green trousers, made out of some material I have never seen before."  As soon as the man got into the car, the object on the road lifted silently into the air and vanished.

The witness tried to talk to his passenger, but the "man" seemed to have great difficulty breathing.  When asked where he was from, he replied, "You wouldn't understand."  The driver was thinking of going straight to the local police station as soon as he let the man out.  But when the stranger got out of the car on the town's main street, he wheezed and said, "Nobody is going to believe you so don't bother."  He appeared to stagger uncertainly as he moved away.

Keel notes that visitors such as this character in the shiny green pants act like deep-sea divers who have come up to quickly.  Excess nitrogen in the body can cause a diver to suffer from vertigo and nystagmus (a condition that creates rapid, involuntary movement of the eyes).

Apparently, in a number of the cases that Keel chronicled, the visiting entity asked for a glass of water so that they could "take a pill."  Numerous witness have watched these strange beings swallow a pill, after which, their condition becomes more normal.  Or at least, as close as such beings can get.

Keel further reported that in 1976, he obtained one of the pills that these apparent "aliens" use.  He had a chemical analysis done on the pill and was told that it was nothing more than simple sulfur.  Unfortunately, no further details are provided about the pill so we are left to wonder about the rest of that particular story.

One fascinating aspect to these old cases are the recurring themes that run through numerous weird entity encounters.

The shiny green pants worn by the Massachusetts "man" harkens to reports of the grinning men.  Some of the odd request remind one of encounters with the black eyed children.  And of course, there's the running theme of the MIB or Men in Black, they weave through so many UFO accounts.

Perhaps it's all a grand game and we the witnesses, investigators and chroniclers of such phenomena are unwitting players.  Or perhaps we're simply being played.  Either way, the mystery continues to unfold with each generation and we have to wonder, what's coming next?

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