Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Connecticut Shadow Man

Encounters with shadow figures go far back in history, from shadowy monk like beings with hooded cloaks to the infamous "hat man" of more recent years.  For the most part, the encounters are very disturbing for the witnesses and include feelings of fear and outright terror.

Even more frightening are the cases of repeated encounters with these dark beings, cases wherein the shadow figure seems to be dwelling in the home of the victim, manifesting on a regular basis and often growing increasingly active and aggressive.

Most often, these shadow figures are perceived as being "men" sometimes wearing a hat and long coat or cloak.  On other occasions, they are described as merely a man like shape.  Victims describe a humanoid form with arms and legs that is solid black.

"It was blacker than the darkness of my room," stated one victim of shadow man visits.

In a percentage of these cases, the witness describes seeing glowing red eyes on the shadow figure but no other facial features are discerned.

In an unusual case from Meriden, Connecticut, the witness saw red light coming from a shadow figure's mouth. 

Jacqueline Glen describes encounters with a shadow figure that occurred in her home over a period of time.  She says that the east bedroom on the first floor of the home was always a troubling spot and never gave her a restful night's sleep.

She lived in the home as a child, and her horrific encounters with a black figure started when she was five years old.  The shadow form would suddenly appear after she went to bed and it would lurk in the doorway of her room, watching her.  In an interview she stated:

"I see a man standing there.  It's just a shadow with a blinking red thing coming out of his mouth."

Glen states that the home also contains the spirit of a little girl, seen by witnesses as a blue figure softly calling out "Mommy...mommy."

When she was older, Glen decided to use a Ouija board to try to make contact with the spirits in the house.  The talking board responded that the spirits in the home were named Abe and Veve, but numerous sessions with the board made Glen uneasy and she finally burned the Ouija board in the backyard.

Historical research done on the location tracked the history of the home back 120 years, but there are no records of murder or strange deaths on the property.  Obviously, a home with such a long history had many families live in it over the years, but no evidence of an Abe or Veve surfaced. 

Activity in the house increased when the family decided to renovate the third floor attic, but activity in the home goes back to at least 1971 when Glen says she started having her personal experiences.

At one point, Glen spoke to the Meriden's local paper, the Record-Journal and reported that her daughter had started having experiences with the shadow man.  Ten year old Gina awoke to find the shadow form standing at the foot of her bunk bed.  She described what she saw:

"His head was black, it was just the shape of a body.  I climbed down, rubbed my eyes and it went away."

Ghost hunters Ed and Loraine Warren investigated the house in the summer of 2001 and told Glen that she should have the home blessed by a priest because of the presence there.  She followed their advice and had two priest come in for a blessing.  After they had finished the task and left, Glen says that a musty smell of mildew permeated the home.

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