Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Russian Mothman II

I've received a lot of messages regarding my recent post on the possibility of the Mothman's 1999
appearance in Russia.

To me, it's always interesting to get reports out of countries like Russia.  Many people in the United States have devoted a lot time and energy to the study of strange phenomena over the years.  In Russia, the number of researchers is fairly small by comparison but they've been hard at work uncovering old reports and documenting new ones.  Thankfully, it's getting easier all the time for English speaking researchers to translate and find old news reports.

While the 1999 incident was fascinating, it's not the only Russian encounter with a weird flying creature.  In fact, flying humanoids were making themselves known in the region just after the famous encounters in Point Pleasant, WV.

The following incident is reported to have occurred one night in 1968 in the Russian Far East.  To be precise, the encounter was on the river Amur in the Primorskiy Kray region.

Thanks to researcher Albert S. Rosales for bringing this one to my attention:

"Because of the tense relations between the USSR and China at the time, Soviet KGB frontier troops intensified their patrols in the territories of the Russian Far East which bordered the People’s Republic of China. One night the crew of a Soviet patrol boat on the River Amur spotted a suspicious object flying in from the Chinese bank of the Amur. When the strange object came closer the men on the boat realized that the object resembled a winged human figure. The wings were visibly flapping in the air as the entity flew overhead. At the moment that the winged figure crossed the frontier into Russia the frontier guards opened fire with their automatic weapons. The flying entity stopped moving its wings and glided down sharply to the nearby taiga and dense pine forest. The crew of the patrol boat radioed headquarters about the incident and the order was given to find the object or creature whatever it was. The KGB frontier guards suspected that the figure was probably a Chinese spy, wearing some kind of flying apparatus or equipment. However a thorough search which included dogs conducted by the frontier guards proved fruitless. The mysterious flying man had disappeared."

Source: Polina Belova in: “Mir Uvlecheniy” newspaper
Kiev Ukraine # 1 December 6 2005

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