Friday, April 8, 2016

Mothman in Russia


Author and investigator John Keel immortalized the winged entity in his bestseller "The Mothman Prophecies," and anyone familiar with this strange creature, automatically thinks of Point Pleasant, WV and the series of encounters that led to the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967.

But in the years since the Point Pleasant tragedy, this strange, winged creature has been reported in other locations around the world, often it seems, just prior to a disaster. 

These include rumors of Mothman sightings prior to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the 911 terrorist attacks and the Chernobyl power plant meltdown.

Many of these reports come in after the fact, but one terrorist incident in Russia was predicted by Mothman sightings before it occurred.

According to reports in Russia's news source, Pravda, one of the country's UFO centers, "Russian House," sent a registered letter to the government in Moscow in the summer of 1999.  The letter predicted the explosion of an apartment building in Moscow.  No one at the government level treated the letter with any degree of seriousness due to its odd nature and statements.

One hundred and nine people died in the terrorist bombing of the building.

The supervisor of Russian House, Alexander Galtsev, stated to Pravda:

"We were afraid of Federal Security Bureau agents to come here and claim that we were involved in the act of terrorism.  That is why we cannot prevent catastrophes, we are afraid.  We managed to find two pensioners, who said that they saw some strange birds, who had human outlines with legs, arms and head."

Galtsev indicates that the winged creatures were appearing over the apartment building, much the way West Virginia's Mothman was seen near the Silver Bridge.

Galtsev further stated that he believes the Mothman is able to chose who it manifest to, stating that the cryptid can make itself visible to the eyes of one person, two, even a dozen or more at once.  In interviews, the ufologist said that he had discussed the matter with a Moscow priest:

"I talked about this phenomenon to a priest from the Holy Trinity Church in Moscow.  He said that mothmen could actually be guardian angels that try to warn people of some horrific danger."

Galtsev also revealed that there were Mothman reports from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia:

"Our colleagues from the ufologist organization in Tbilisi sent us interesting materials at the end of April.  They wrote that some strange man was coming to the church of St. David, saying that there was a risk of very serious danger for the church.  The man says that he got that information from a phantom with wings.  The earthquake took place in Georgia on April 25, damaging 130 objects of architectural value, and St. David's church was among them. 

Is the mysterious Mothman indeed an omen of coming disaster?  Some Russian researchers certainly seem to believe this is the case.  Has more sharing of information between east and west continues, it will be interesting to see if more is uncovered.

Until then, watch the skies.

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