Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shifting Black Eyes

The account below is from Charlene in Florida.  Charlene's story is similar to numerous accounts that I've been receiving of seemingly normal people who's eyes suddenly turn solid black.  Often, the witness has known the person for some time and may have noticed unusual behavior.

Charlene's account:
"We live in an area where a lot of the houses are rentals.  The house next door to ours sat empty for quite some time until a couple finally rented it.  Their names were Chad and Beth.  They didn't have any kids which put them in the minority for our neighborhood.  Since they were right next door, my husband and I ended up talking to them often.  They would never really talk about what they did for a living, just that they worked from home on the computer.  They certainly seemed nice and normal at
About six months after knowing them, we began to notice some strange things, here are a couple of them:  First of all, one day we were grilling out.  We invited several people over and included Chad and Beth.  They came to the cookout but my husband and I both noticed that they stayed far away from the grill.  We assumed they both must have been afraid of fire but they wouldn't even go near it after it was closed.
Right after that cookout, Beth started coming over to visit during the day when my husband was at work.  She would look around the house constantly like she was examining everything.  It started to make me very uncomfortable.  She wasn't much for conversation and there never really seemed to be a point to her visits.  I mentioned it to my husband but he assumed she was just bored and wanted company.  After a week of these visits, I didn't see her for a few days.  That weekend, I brought my
mother's cat to our house.  My mother was going on vacation and wanted us to watch her cat for her.  The next day, Beth came for one of her visits.  She sat in the same kitchen chair, the only place she would seem to sit.  Ten minutes after she had been there the cat came out of the bedroom.  The cat went crazy when she saw Beth.  The cat's hair stood up and she let out a loud hiss.  Beth leaned forward and looked at the cat with a really nasty look.  The cat ran back to the bedroom and Beth just
stood up and left without saying a word.

The whole thing was so strange to me.  When my husband got home, I told him the story.  He decided that we should go over and visit Chad and Beth.  We walked over to their house and knocked on the door.  As we stood on the steps, there were such strange noises coming from inside.  There was a loud crash like something had been thrown against the wall and then all of a sudden the door opened and they were both standing there like everything was normal.  We started to talk to them, expecting to be invited inside but they just stood there side by side.  I asked Beth if she was okay and said, "I didn't realize you were afraid of cats" 
Chad shot her a look very suddenly and he looked angry.  It was clear that Beth was very nervous and she wouldn't say anything.
It was a very awkward moment.  Chad looked like he was getting more and more angry, Beth wouldn't look at him and my husband and I didn't know what to say.  I was looking at Beth and she glanced at me.  When she did, her eyes suddenly went from normal blue eyes to solid black.  I felt my jaw drop, then I felt my husband pulling on my arm and we were rushing across the lawn back to our house.
When we got inside, I asked my husband if he saw Beth's eyes change.  He answered, "Yes, and so did Chad's!"  Both their eyes went solid black and in that moment, we both felt the need to run away from them.
The next day, whenever we were outside, we would notice that Chad or Beth were looking out at us from behind their blinds.  A week later, we realized that they had moved away but it must have been late at night since no one saw them move out."

Charlene's account, and others like hers, are a strange manifestation that may be connected to the black eye child phenomenon.
 How are these people with color shifting eyes connected to the kids?  Is this a new version of the same beings that have learned to integrate into our day to day world?  The possibilities are disturbing.


  1. I'm glad that you were able to stay strong. I have been wondering for awhile, what would occur if you confronted them and call them out. Let them know that you know what they are. May the Lord Bless You And Keep You, And May His Face Shine Upon You.

    1. I have have a similar encounter but in public too buy a group of people as crazy as it sounds I could feel the life being sucked from the back of my head I felt like I was going to die if it didn't go away I was followed buy a group off them.. I stared back at them like I had no fear but remained myself it stoped when I tried to talk to them

  2. Aliens are real. The MSL Curiosity rover has returned many raw images which indicate the presence of an ancient extraterrestrial civilization on Mars. Of course none of the scientists are saying a word about the visual evidence and lately they have been photo shopping the images, but from Sol 109 through Sol 125 there is a lot of evidence, and on Sol 75 there is actually a dead alien in a pile of building rubble. Strangely enough (the alien is mummified due to the thin atmosphere with almost no oxygen and the extremely low temperature of close to -292 degrees Farenheit) the alien looks very similar to a Sumarian statue of an Annunaki priest. I have several public albums with over 100 images in case you're interested. They are posted on Facebook,

    Have fun looking.

  3. Hollywood couldn't write a better story. Very interesting indeed.

  4. i have been accused of the solid black eyes...once. one of my friends said his ex wife told him he also displayed the solid black eyes. neither of us feel like we're aliens, but i have heard of this black eyes thing.

    1. My son and mother have said my eyes torn solid black too off and on. For a few seconds and back to normal. I feel no change when this happens.

    2. I've been told my eyes turn solid black when I'm angry it doesn't happen much considering I'm pretty good at keeping my temper down but then there are times im not good and I've had about 10 different encounters where I've been told my eyes were solid black only when I'm angry but it wasn't that my pupils dilated and expanded it was all of met eye that turned black so if anyone can explain it to me that be great if not well guess I'll never know

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  7. Hello Dave,
    I just listened to last months "Coast To Coast Radio" interview about the black eyed children;(after learning of the phenomenon, you, and your book, via L.A.Marzulli,and Richard Shaw, on the T.V. program, "Prophecy in the News" hosted by Gary Stearman earlier tonight)

    Whoa, that was a mouthful sentence in itself...Anyway, great to hear your down to earth, intellectual approach, and demeanor throughout the interview as opposed to what I admit I expected someone who has written on such a subject to sound like. (Although a few "callers" sounded as if they had one too many encounters with the children of the corn).

    All kidding aside, I could certainly tell you are very sincere,
    about your work, and objective in your extensive research. Not that my opinion counts for anything, but, I'll post it anyway. I find this topic to be very interesting, and will probably purchase your book to get a better understanding of it all.

    I admit it tends to hinge perfectly into my personal study of prophecy, and the Nephilim, from whom I believe the Mayans, as well as many ancient "Children of the Stars" civilizations, scattered oceans apart, gained such similar astrological knowledge...Just a thought...
    But, great work please keep it coming.

  8. I have witnessed this phenomenon first hand. The incident happened with an 11 year old boy. There were a lot of things surrounding this, which I might add, didn't only happen one time...
    I think this has a lot to do with what these beings are... If there could be a link between the two maybe some major advances could be made in trying to figure out the origin of these attacks.

    Keep up the great research David!

  9. Is there a blog of real black eyes people. Where they can talk. Always one sided. Nothing from there point of view. People are real good at creating horrific stores when they lose a fight with someone. So our eyes can turn black. People have just filled there heads with god and the devil. So now there always looking for evil to pin the devil on. Horror flicks got it the best, not real and you know it. And it fun to watch. But these god books fill you up with deamons and posetions. To think that's real, won't sleep again. People are real, people are diffrent. People are mean. But you can lock your door or call the cops. What do I do with a deamon?

  10. In medical terms, it's not possible for a person's eyes to turn solid black. Bear in mind, we aren't talking about just the pupil but the entire eye.
    Additionally, not everyone studying this phenomena believes that demons are involved.

  11. I experienced a situation of this too. By my younger sister, she was possessed last April 26th, Friday evening. I know that it is possessed because of how the way she look on us. The way she talked liked she never know us. Just after a day Saturday afternoon 5 pm she died. And after we brought her to morgue we saw her eyes shadowed with black, full of black, like a charcoal. It's hard adjusting our lifestyle now that she was left us. She's still in her teenage year 16 y/o.

  12. I had something similar happen to me. We were out one evening joking around and all of a sudden one of the guys looked and me, reared back and said Oh my God! Your eyes!. The others looked and reacted about the same. I was surprised by their actions and said what? Everything must have returned to normal, and they relaxed and the evening went on.
    I asked one of then some time later what they saw, and he just said your pupils got really big, and kind of brushed it off.
    I know pupils will enlarge when aroused, etc, but this was something beyond that and it obviously scared them. I was listening to the banter which wasn't malicious nor was I feeling that anyway - I was just amused listening.
    I have always wondered what they really saw that gave such a reaction, any thoughts would be appreciated.

  13. I totally believe. Don't engage with them and stay strong.

  14. As a child I experienced this too. I was scared of the night. I was awake and wanted my mom to wake up. I kept staring at her eyes hoping she would open them. She then opened them and they were all black. I must have fainted because I woke up in her arms. My mom stated i said mom and passed out. I brushed it off as maybe I was half asleep and must have hypnotized myself. Maybe a few months passed and I don't know what made me do it again, but I stared at my mom's eyes again while she was sleeping and the same thing happened. After that I never attempted to do that. This was before the internet. Now I am so surprised to hear of other similar incidents exists.. I guess it wasn't all in my head.

  15. Since i was a child my family has told me stories about how I would get so mad that my eyes would turn black. As i got older I have learned to control my anger. A few years ago a man and i were arguing and he punched my child trying to get to me. My room mate said my eyes turned black. She grabbed my son took him in the house. She said i picked the man up and threw him off the porch. Im not a strong woman so Im sure it was mommy rage and adrenaline. But i do not recall my behavior when this happens. I cant control it. I have learned now if im feeling that angry i just have to walk away. What is wrong with me? I also was told my little sister started having this problem not that many years ago. Is this just adtenlin aand extream rage or is it something else?

  16. Recently I was in a fight and got extremely angry I blacked out and was told my eyes went completely black
    I don’t remember a thing but my dad told me that the same thing happened to him
    I felt no pain at all and only remember the start and end of the fight

    1. Never have I been told my eyes turned black but I've experienced the same during a fight except I remember bits and pieces during the fight. I've seen this black eye thing several times usually with celebrities, singers mainly when they're completely enthralled in the moment. I've seen several times with politicians as well a long list of them and you can find the pics and videos. To the ones who claim they're photo shopped well then find the original then when it doesn't happen is my challenge to them. You can't because it doesn't exist. People are taken over by demons in these moments I believe or they're with them always as they do wicked things as pleasure. Most celebrities are in record as saying they practice "praying to the spirits", and possession to improve their performance as well Crowly (who wrote the Satanic book) stating that "acting is the best method of becoming possessed". But people will not believe in demons since then it would mean that the Bible is true and they now have rules to follow by a Creator.