Friday, December 14, 2012

A Tragic Day

For anyone who somehow missed it, there's been a tragic shooting at an elementary school in CT today.  A lot of lives have been lost, including students.  Such violent crimes are always terrible, but they seem even more devastating when children are involved.

Let's all take a moment from our day to remember the sacredness of life.

Please join me in sending prayers and positive energy to all the victims whose lives have been affected by this tragedy.


  1. Hi there. I saw a connection between the black-eyed children and psychotic mentally ill children/people. In wake of the Newport, CT elementary school massacre, a mother named Liza Long published a blog about her mentally ill son. In it, she describes her son as making horrible violent threats whenever he becomes angry his tone increasingly belligerent, with the black-hole pupils of his eyes swallowing the blue irises.

    You can find her blog at

    However, what strikes me is what if these children have a spiritual attachment? The black irises swallowing the pupils are not normal.

    Usually, when a spirit attaches to an individual, there is a period in which the person is psychically attached every night in his or her sleep, for several months (maybe sooner if the person gives in too early). During that time, the spirits weaken the person to the point that they subconsciously, finally, submit. Then the nightmares miraculously stop. However, years later their personality changes, gradually. I am aching to know if Lisa Long's son suffered a period of this.

    Anyhow, I think you should contact her to see if there is anyway she can be helped. She has tried everything and has nothing to lose having a spiritual diagnosis.

  2. I am intrigued by the black-eyed people phenomena. Especially because it has suddenly popped out of no where and has affected many different people in different countries. I have not, thankfully, witnessed that kind of thing but I had an experience somewhat similar that has affected me greatly. I was working with and individual with an intellectual disability who also had severe seizures and was confined to a wheelchair. The seizures suddenly started to change. This person would try to get up and walk when having one and would then fall and hurt himself, sometimes quite badly. This was totally out of the ordinary from previous seizures had they way they had always been. At the time of my story the person was in their fifties.In addition during the seizures their eyes were wide open.

    I was taking a group that included this individual, to visit a former resident who was in a nursing home. While we were there this person began having a seizure and would reach out at the frail, elderly people nearby, trying to grab them in a very aggressive manner which was very unlike their normal personality. The actions were both rabid in nature and done with a nasty, knowing, angry sneer on the face while it occurred. I quickly tried to move this person away but they resisted by putting their feet onto the floor while bending forward and continuing to reach out with clawed hands for anyone nearby. I then tilted the wheelchair back and grabbed the shoulder area of this individual's jacket, holding the material against the wheelchair handles and restricting their movement. Then I took this person out to the wheelchair van, with the wheelchair tilted onto it's back wheels. It was difficult to load and connect the wheelchair onto the harnesses and straps for travel as they were trying to grab, scratch and bite at me but I somehow did it. I then loaded the others, far as possible away from this person and got into the van. When I looked into the rear view mirror I could not believe my eyes. This person had an evil in human looking intelligence I had never seen in their face before. "It" was looking around the interior of the wheelchair van like it had never seen the inside of it before and then it's eyes met mine in the rear view mirror and my blood ran cold. I saw pure evil in those eyes; intelligent evil. I drove back to their residence without looking back into the mirror again. By the time we arrived at our destination all was normal. This person reverted back to an individual with an intellectual disability without a trace of evil or intelligence emanating from their face...just a big happy smile I was used to seeing. That experience made me rethink possession. I was skeptical before but now...I just don't know. It might be real.